Night Report 2016-04-10

Observing: Joel Johansson, Mark Magee, Ira Bar

Support Team: Weizmann

TAT: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser

Weather conditions

End of night: Clouds, humidity ~21%, wind speed ~10.7m/s, seeing ~1.5"


Start of night: Thin clouds, humidity ~36%, wind speed ~7.7m/s, seeing ~0.6"

Middle of night: Thin clouds, humidity ~20.5%, wind speed ~10.3m/s, seeing ~1.2"

04:36 UT: Follow up: SN2016aiy, gr11+gr16, 2x1800s each - Wrong object in slit! 

07:23 UT: Spectroscopic Standard LTT7379

07:48 UT: Classification: ASASSN-16eh/AT2016blz, gr13 600s, slit 1.0"

08:00 UT: Classification: SMT16aec, gr13 900s, slit 1.5"

08:30 UT: Follow up: ASASSN-15oz, gr13 2x2700, slit 1.5"

10:05 UT: Sky Flats BR, z

10:50 UT: Dome closed


Evening: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

Morning: PESSTO_skyFF_mor_BR, PESSTO_skyFF_mor_grz


23:30 UT: Dome opened, image analysis

23:58 UT: Classification: SMT16alz: gr13, 900s, slit 1.0"

00:14 UT: Classification: SMT16akv: gr13, 900s, slit 1.0"

00:49 UT: Follow up: PS15br: gr13s, 3x2700s, slit 1.0"

03:25 UT: Image analysis

03:46 UT: Follow up: NGC4461, i 2x200s 

03:55 UT: Image analysis

04:19 UT: Spectroscopic Standard LTT3864