Night report 2017-12-15

Observers: Charlotte Angus, Mathew Smith

TAT: Joe Anderson, Christina Barbarino, Michel Dennefeld

Support team: Southampton

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats (day), grz sky flats (eve), U sky flats (morn), spec arcs (morn)

Conditions: Some thin cloud, wind between 5-10km/s, seeing 0.9-1.3"

UT Target Type Comment


00:40 Feige110 standard -

00:48 AT2017img classification Ia +30d

01:23 ATLAS17npk classification Ia at max. Seeing 1.1"

01:45 ATLAS17npa classification Ia at +1d

02:09 AT2017ixj classification Ia +3d

02:28 ATLAS17nqf classification Ia +9d.

02:43 ATLAS17nni classification Ia +3d Seeing 1"

03:00 AT2017iqk classification ABORTED - unable to locate SN

03:13 ATLAS17nno classification Ia -1.5d

03:35 AT2017ixh classification Galaxy??

03:56 GD71 standard seeing 1.2"

04:08 AT2017ivn classification II. Subtype and age ambiguous

04:30 Gaia17deb classification Galaxy. Seeing 1.5"

04:48 AT2017iwp classification Ib??

05:12 AT2017ivp classification Ia +9d. Seeing 1.4"

05:32 AT2017ixa classification Ia -2d. Seeing 1.3"

05:55 AT2017iwj classification ABORTED - no clear transient seen in the field

06:03 AT2017iui classification Ia +21d

06:40 AT2017ivr classification Ia +25d

07:00 AT2017itr classification SN-II. Subtype and age ambiguous

07:30 AT2017ivs classification Ia >30days

07:38 AT2017ixf classification II +18d. Seeing ~0.9"

08:12 AT2017ivz classification Ia +13d

08:35 L745a standard -

08:45 ATLAS17nnn classification Ia +7d

08:58 AT2017ivh classification ABORTED - sky too bright