ATEL guidelines WIFES

The SkyMapper team have substantial time access to the WiFeS facility on the 2.3m at Siding Spring. They will help classify both SkyMapper and LSQ targets. Here are guidelines, agreed between B. Schmidt, C. Balty and PESSTO (Mark Sullivan and Stephen Smartt):

    1. WiFeS are free to choose targets from either the PESSTO marshall or LSQ websites and classify them. They can write an ATel which includes only WiFeS team and the LSQ team as in the PESSTO ATels (C. Baltay, N. Ellman, E. Hadjiyska, R. McKinnon, D. Rabinowitz (Yale University), U. Feindt, M. Kowalski (Universitat Bonn), P. Nugent (LBL Berkeley). This does not need PESSTO co-authors.

    2. Assuming that the PESSTO marshall has helped facilitate this communication, we would appreciate the addition of the sentence "WiFeS works in partnership with PESSTO ( to classify and follow-up southern hemisphere transients."

    3. WiFeS team should update the Marshall as soon as they have classification information - and with brief plans for upcoming observing, so we can maximise use of time.

    4. Data - public or private ??