Minutes of first board meeting (Thu. 28/7/2011)

Present: Charles Baltay, Stefano Benetti, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Rubina Kotak, Mark Sullivan

Chair: Mark Sullivan for year 1, with future chairs to be elected on a rota-basis.

Acronym: Currently only 2 suggestions. Randomly picked ESSTU, but poll larger consortium for more suggestions.


Role of board in relation to operating teams and survey director clarified.

Added in SN Factory to surveys under wiki. Noted that SN Factory will run until the end of 2013, so about 1.5yr

overlap with this survey, but possibly complementary.

Action items:

Chair to set date for next meeting - sometime in mid-Aug. by when the management plan draft should be well advanced.

Consortium needs to be prodded into volunteering for various supporting roles under the umbrella of the operating teams.

RK to send out email.

Survey strategies and characteristics to be filled in on wiki page.