Action List

Board Action items

    1. Stephen and Mark - write down the terms and conditions of the Board. Ensure we are clear on Board role, Survey Director and Operating Team roles (DONE)

    2. Develop the Science exploitation model - issue a call for "Principal Investigators", in which institutes (or groups of people) can offer effort and manpower to carry out the survey in return for science leadership of particular areas (DONE - process started, will complete by end of 2nd Meeting in Munich)

    3. Iterate woth the Survey Director (Stephen) and TAT leader (Andrea) come up with basic candidate selection criteria - this should match the science goals in the survey. Board should iterate on this with the Survey Director (First part DONE - Andrea, Stefan, Stephen have done the outline need to circulate and iterate with the Board).

    4. Develop a publication policy and deal with authorship issues and rules (not urgent, but should develop it before survey starts). Not yet done, but Mark looking at it.

    5. Consider whether PESSTO should balance its time between classification of targets from different surveys (e.g. what is the balance given to SkyMAPPER, LaSilla-QUEST, PTF, CHASE targets) detailed follow-up, and the different science projects. Should there be firewalls between the them and how might we do that ? Not yet considered.

Survey Director and Operating Team items

    1. Adjust management plan as discussed and submit (DONE)

    2. Along with Board Chair - identify major risks to survey success. In particular critical issues for year 1 (e.g. target provision, information flow to observers).

    3. Stephen and Andrea - come up with procedures and criteria for triggering - what we want to classify, what we want to follow and how we prioritize. These policies can then be put to the Board. (DONE) - policy to be sent to Board.

    4. Develop standard use policy on photometry with EFOSC2 and SOFI - do all follow-up targets get standard sets of photometry ?

    5. Develop the time breakdown with the Benetti et al. NTT Large Programme for Period 89 (DONE).

    6. Begin development of PESSTO target database - web based tool to pull targets from the surveys (SkyMAPPER, LSQ,PTF), and provide target information for the TAT and observers. Also need to link this to data access. New software developer to to be employed at Queen's in February - will work on this with highest priority.

    7. Observing Management Team - develop a document that sets out expected roles of the Observing team and data reduction team for each lunation, so that everyone is clear what is expected (data reduction, archive ingest etc).

    8. Develop Data Reduction pipeline further (Stefano Valenti and DRQC Team).

    9. Stefano and Ofer - continue to test the ingest of data from PESSTO pipeline into WISEASS.

    10. Purchase and; tidy up wiki page and link from this PURCHASE DONE - wiki tidying waiting for new developer to be employed at Queen's.