We have three SLSN-Ic from the first year of PESSTO: LSQ12dlf, SSS120810 and SN 2013dg=MLS130517 (classified and mostly observed during the summer break). PI: M Nicholl.

These are spectroscopically typical, but with very different light curves. The plan is to present all the data in a single PESSTO paper. 

Status : You can see the light curves and spectra in the latter half of this talk from the Naples meeting (Oct 2013).

Progress: Datasets are close to complete, and ready for analysis. Deep imaging of the host galaxies of the older targets (LSQ12dlf and SSS120810) was obtained in the October 2013 run. The host of LSQ12dlf is only marginally detected with an hour of integration. The host of SSS120810 is brighter, and image subtraction significantly affects the last 3 epochs on the light curve, so this has changed slightly from Naples. For both objects, the supernova is clearly offset from the centre of the dwarf host.

Next step: model light curves with nickel, CSM-interaction, and magnetar models.

 - Matt