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PESSTO Working Areas

Within the PESSTO community we can roughly differentiate between three key working areas.

I. all_@_pessto

This is the working area for all top level pessto communication e.g. meetings, general telecons, policies etc. The whole of the pessto community can be reached by emailing

II. Operation Groups

Within the community there are currently 6 operation groups (listed below). For more details please see the operations homepage on this wiki.

Operation group title: Group Leader (Affiliation),

Science Board: Mark Sullivan [Chair] (Southampton),
Observations: Mark Sullivan (Southampton),
Targets and Alerts: Andrea Pastorello (Pastorello),
Data Reduction & Quality Control: Stefano Valenti (Padova),
Archive: Ofer Yaron (Weizmann),
General Operations: Stephen Smartt (QUB)

III. Science

There are also current 15 key science groups (listed below). For more details please see the individual group pages on this wiki (linked below) or the science groups homepage.

Science group title: Lead Scientist (Affiliation)

  1. Statistical analysis of PESSTO classifications: Cappellaro (Padova)
  2. Type Ib/c SNe: normal, broad‐lined and GRB‐related events: Mazzali (Padova/MPA)
  3. Over‐luminous SNe Ic: Smartt (QUB)
  4. Supernovae with identified progenitors: Maund (QUB)
  5. Super‐Chandrasekhar SNe Ia: Scalzo (ANU)
  6. Optical Spectropolarimetry of PESSTO bright targets: Patat (ESO)
  7. Extincted/reddened SNe: Elias‐Rosa (IEEC-CSIC)
  8. Normal SNe Ia: Sullivan (Southampton)
  9. Remote thermonuclear SNe Ia: Maguire (Oxford)
  10. Sub‐luminous SNe Ia 91bg‐like: Gonzalez‐Gaitan (MCSS)
  11. Faint, (fast) and non‐interacting: Taubenberger (MPA)
  12. Weak IIP: Turatto (Padova)
  13. The extremes of interacting core collapse supernovae: Pastorello (Padova)
  14. Blue transientsHadjiyska (Yale)
  15. SN Ia progenitors via CSM studies: Maguire (Oxford)

PESSTO Communications

A place for everything and everything in its place:
pessto workflow

There are currently 4 online resources available to the pessto community for communication and collaboration. Each of the resources serves a specific purpose, so please read the following to ensure that all pessto related information is posted to the correct place.

I. Wiki

  • The wiki should be the hub of all pessto communication - it is the default location to post information.
  • The wiki has been restructured to reflect the 3 working area and sub-areas detailed above (see wiki sidebar).
  • Please make sure to link newly created pages from an intuitive place on the wiki.
  • sensitive documents that should remain within the pessto community are to be posted on private pages of the wiki.


  • This is the public face of pessto.
  • Top level general information, interesting to the public and general astrophysics community to be posted here.
  • There is a 'private' password protected area to post:
    • physically large files that cannot be hosted on the wiki (e.g. the NTT pipeline software) - these files are to be linked from the relevant pages of the wiki.
  • General reference (whether internal wiki links or external links) should be posted to the pessto Link List
  • NB. files & documents to be posted to need to be passed to Dave Young who will place them under the private area of and supply you with a URL which you can link to from the wiki.

III. Google Drive

  • You login to the pessto google drive area with your pessto username and password:
  • Collections/nested folders have been structured to reflect the 3 working area and sub-areas detailed above.
  • No need to install google drive on your local machine - just use the web-interface.
  • If you already use google docs under a different account, please free free to share the pessto docs/collections with that account, but do not share with others outside of the pessto community.
If you are new to google drive please see these videos for:

IV. Group Mailing Lists

There are various mailing lists for specific groups within the pessto community. These are to be used for quick communication and alerting key people to new info posted to the wiki or google docs.

All Members
Operation Groups