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Southampton Meeting Agenda

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016
 10:00-12:30 (All) Pre-meeting discussion time

12:30-14:00 Lunch (informal) UoS Staff Club

Session 1 Chair: Mike Childress
14:00-14:40 Stephen Smartt PESSTO Update + GW Triggers
14:40-15:00 Assaf Horesh What can we learn from SN radio observations?
15:00-15:20 Joel Johansson TBD (dust?)

15:20-16:00 Coffee Break

Session 2: SNe Ia Chair: Mike Childress
16:00-16:20 Mark Magee SN 2015H
16:20-16:40 Regis Cartier SN 2015F
16:40-17:00 Mike Childress SN 2014eg (on behalf of Geogios)
17:00-17:30 (All) Discussion: SN Ia science w/ PESSTO

19:00 Dinner groups Location(s) TBD

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016
  Session 3: SNe II Chair: ?
09:30-09:50 Morgan Fraser TBD (SNe II?) 
09:50-10:10 Massimo Dall'Ora SN 2013dn + LSQ14efd
10:10-10:30 (All) Discussion: SN II science w/ PESSTO

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break Seminar Room (w/ UoS Physics Dept.)

Session 4: SLSNe Chair: ?
11:00-11:20    Janet Chen LSQ14mo + OGLE15qz
11:20-11:40 Cosimo Inserra SLSNe II
11:40-12:00 Szymon Prajs SLSNe from DES
12:00-12:30 (All) Discussion: SLSNe science w/ PESSTO

12:30-14:00 Catered Lunch Seminar Room

Session 5: the future Chair: Stephen Smartt
14:00-15:30 (All) PESSTO Y5, SOXS, NTT interim plans

Avishay & Ofer Transient Naming Server

15:30-16:00 Coffee break Seminar Room

16:00-17:30 (All) Wrap-up + discussion time