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Talks from this meeting can be found here (login credentials required)

Funding has been secured from the for this GAIA workshop to be held at Queen's University Belfast over the two day period Thursday 5th February (afternoon) to Friday 7th February (lunch time finish). 

We thank the Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training (GREAT) networking programme for this generous funding 

The Gaia-PESSTO Rabble

Proposal abstract : This workshop will bring together the key European groups investigating Supernovae, both in understanding the physics of the objects, and their use as probes of the nearby Universe and for cosmology. The meeting will focus on the significant impact that Gaia will shortly have in revealing a significant yield of thousands of newly discovered SN – generating statistically significantly samples of hitherto rare events, such as ultra-luminous SN. The workshop will be a key milestone in the organisation of the follow-up and exploitation of the Gaia SN – where scientific and operational priorities will be agreed. The meeting, to be organised early 2014, is timely with the upcoming first SN candidates from Gaia by autumn 2014. The workshop will lead to the development of a specific 'Gaia SN roadmap' defining the follow-up campaign to ensure maximal scientific return from the Gaia SN sample. 

We will run a public lecture event in association with this meeting as a GAIA outreach activity. 

On Wednesday 5th February Prof. Gerry Gilmore will give the Michael West Spring 2014 lecture on "The GAIA mission and the origin of the Milky Way"  7pm start in the Larmor Lecture theatre. 

Click here for more details

Final Meeting Agenda available here : gaiapessto_agenda-20140131-final.pdf 

Total participant numbers is capped at 45 and is now closed. 

Logistics - where to stay and how to get here

The meeting will be hosted by the Astrophysics Research Centre, in the Main Physics and Astronomy Building. This is right next to the main University Building, on University road. See this Google Map.

Travel information and how to find the Physics and Astronomy Building is linked here
The meeting will be in the Board Room, in the Physics and Astronomy building.

There are plenty of hotels and guest houses within walking distance. All of the ones listed below are shown on the map. Zoom out if you can't see all of them.

Note - these prices and info are approximate. Check directly with the accommodation - if you phone directly and say you are a visitor at Queen's, they may give you a better rate. This is sometimes better than on the web. But not all hotels have this agreement.

Camera Guest House
    10 minutes walk from Queens, rooms are about £50 per night
Malone Guest House
    10 minutes walk from Queens, rooms are about £50 per night. Breakfast and WiFi in rooms included.
Malone Lodge
    10 minutes walk from Queens, rooms are between £79 and £99 per night. Breakfast and WiFi in rooms included.
Tara Lodge
    5 minutes walk from Queens, rooms are between £65 and £79 per night. WiFi included.
Ibis Hotel (formerly called Renshaws)
    5 mins walk from Queens. New hotel, advertised rate is £49, which is good. But make sure you book the Ibis Belfast Queens Quarter hotel - there are two Ibis hotels, do NOT stay in the one in Castle street.
Wellington Park Hotel
    5 minutes walk from Queens, rooms are between £69 and £79 per night. WiFi included.
Dukes at Queen's : (potentially quite noisy at the weekend)
Marine Quest House :


S. Smartt, K. Smith. D. Young, C. Inserra, T.W. Chen, J. Kennedy (Secretary :


Dr. David YoungQueen's University Belfast
Mr. Thomas WeversRU Nijmegen
Miss. Alina MahmoodCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
Mr. Pankaj KumarUniversity of Bologna
Dr. Erkki KankareUniversity of Turku
Mr. Tuomas KangasUniversity of Turku
Dr. Mickael RigaultPhysikalisches Institut
Dr. Michel DennefeldIAP-Paris
Dr. Kate MaguireESO
Dr. Justyn MaundQUB
Dr. Heather Campbellioa, cambrigde
Dr. Morgan FraserIoA Cambridge
Dr. Cosimo InserraQueen's University Belfast
Miss. Nadejda BlagorodnovaInstitute of Astronomy
Dr. Philipp PodsiadlowskiUniversity of Oxford
Miss. Janet ChenQUB
Dr. Anders JerkstrandARC, Queens University Belfast
Dr. Rubina KotakQUB
Dr. Mark SullivanUniversity of Southampton
Dr. Seppo MattilaUniv. of Turku
Dr. Laurent Le GuillouLPNHE / UPMC
Mr. mohamed AbouelalaAin Shames University
Miss. susanna spiroUniversity of Oxford
Dr. Stephen SmarttQueen's University Belfast
Mr. Darryl WrightQUB
Mr. Joe PolshawQueen's University Belfast
Mr. Matt NichollQUB
Dr. Stuart SimQueen's University Belfast
Mr. Mattia BullaQueen's University
Dr. Nicholas WaltonInstitute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Dr. Michael ChildressAustralian National University
Dr. Simon HodgkinUniversity of Cambridge
Dr. Iain SteeleLiverpool JMU
Dr. Ferdinando PatatESO
Dr. Chris BennIsaac Newton Group
Dr. Xavier LuriUniversitat de Barcelona
Dr. Massimo TurattoINAF Padova
Dr. Ken SmithQUB
Miss. Emma ReillyQUB
Mr. Christopher FrohmaierUniversity of Southampton
Dr. Cristina Romero-CanizalesInstitute of Astrophysics, PUC, Chile
Dr. Gerry GilmoreUniversity of Cambridge
Mr. Giorgos DimitriadisUniversity of Southampton
Mr. Robert FirthUniversity of Southampton
Dr. Lina TomasellaAsiago
Dr. Lukasz WyrzykowskiIoA Cambridge and AO Warsaw

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7 Feb 2014, 03:12
David Young,
13 Jan 2014, 08:03
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31 Jan 2014, 02:30