PESSTO Meeting VIII Agenda

Second draft of programme (Version as of 2015 Jan 28)

All speakers - your speaking time is your slot time -5mins. Leave these 5mins for discussion and questions. We also have dedicated discussion time at the end of most sessions. 

Talks here :

Monday 2nd Feb
 11:00-12:30   Registration
 12:30-13:30   Lunch
  (in Churchill College)
   Chair: Mark Sullivan
 13:30-14:00    S. Smartt (25m + 5m discussion) PESSTO and Phase 3 data : survey status and plans  
 14.00-14.15    S. Valenti (10m + 5) PESSTO Pipeline status and update
 14.15-14.45C. Inserra/E. Kankare PESSTO Year 2 data reductions
 14.45-15.15    C. Baltay (remote presentation) SNe Ia with LSQ : first survey results
 J. Chen LCOGT and PESSTO update
   Chair: Nancy Elias Rosa
 16:00-16:30   S. Campana SOXS and the ESO call for ideas for NTT 2016+
 16:30-16.55N. Walton GAIA : status and data releases
 16.55-17.20S. Mattila  Nuclear SNe with GAIA
 17.20-17.40N. Blagorodnova Detection efficiencies for nuclear SNe with GAIA
 17:40-18:00  Discussion 
 18:00-   Drinks reception (at IoA)

Tuesday 3rd Feb
   Chair: Cosimo Inserra
L. Wyrzykowski OGLE-VI transient search
 09.55-10.20   H. Campbell Host-galaxy correlations with Type Ia SNe
 10.20-10.45C. Frohmaier Supernova rates in PTF
 10.45-11.00G. Dimitriadis     The Pessto SN in ESO154-G10
 11:00-11:30   Coffee
   Chair: Avishay Gal-Yam
 11:30-11:55  M. Childress Late-phase SN Ia spectra + WiFeS update
 11.55-12.20K. Maguire SNe Ia at nebular phases
 12.20-12.45S. Taubenberger Late time spectra of SN2011fe
 12.45-13.00Discussion and conference photo
 13:00-14:20   Lunch
 (in Churchill College)
   Chair: Kate Maguire
A. Gal-Yam
 Early observations of type II SNe
 14.40-15.05G. Terreran SN2013fs with PESSTO 
 15.05-15.30  R. Scalzo     Bolometric lightcurves for Ibc SNe
 15.30 -16.00Tea / coffee

 Chair: Seppo Mattila
 16.00 -16.25 
 M. Fraser SN 2009ip with PESSTO
 16.25 - 16.50E. Cappellaro EM follow-up of Gravitational Wave transient events 
 16.50 - 17.15
S. Valenti
 Exploring the unified class of Type II SNe with LCOGT
 17.15 - 17.45Discussion 
 19.30 -
 Conference dinner
 (St. John's Chophouse)

Wednesday 4th Feb
   Chair: Heather Campbell
M. Nicholl Physical properties of the SLSN population
 09:55-10.20C. Inserra The SLSN from PESSTO/Skymapper : SN2013hx
 10.20-10.45S. Prajs The rate of SLSNe to z = 1.6 
 10.45-11.00   Discussion
 11.00 - 11.30Coffee
   Chair: Stephen Smartt
 11.30 - 12.15Discussion  Future of PESSTO and NTT 
 12.15 - 13.00Discussion Discussion slot for issues arising during meeting (or overrun).

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