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Night Report 2019-07-29

Philip Wiseman, Charlotte Angus

Support Team: 
 Lizi Swann, Chris Frohmaier, Mat Smith

Lluís Galbany, Priscila Pessi, Stefan Taubenberger, Ilya Mandel

SOFI:  JHK flats (run the night before)
EFOSC2: Evening: Arcs, dome flats, bias
Morning: Arcs

Sunset: 22:17 UT, Twilight (end): 23.31 UT
Morning Twilight (start): 10.07 UT, Sunrise: 11:21 UT

Start of night: Some thin cloud, wind 5 m/s. Seeing shite.
Middle of night: Some thin cloud, wind 1-2 m/s. Seeing improving!
End of night: Some thin cloud, wind 1-2 m/s. Seeing hovering between ~1.0-1.2"


Mid-night switch to SOFI to accommodate observations needed for DDT proposal, then back to EFOSC to catch the GW counterpart candidate!

00:49 UT - Issues with rotator after SOFI image analysis.
02:09 UT - SOFI rotator broke again. OB aborted (lost some K-band images), moved back to EFOSC

If possible, will finish observing other SOFI targets tomorrow night.

In other news...the soft jazz music persists. Has reached the stage where observers can still hear it even when it's not playing.



 UT Target Type Setup Airmass Seeing Exp time Notes
 23:10 AT2019ltw
 gr#13 slit1.01.7 1.5"300s Type II pre-max (~-7d). Host contamination affecting template fits, but it's definitely a II! 
 23:25 SN2019gqi Follow-up
 gr#13 slit1.5 
2.0 1.3''   1x2700s

SOFI (swtich over 00:18 UT)

 UT Target Type OB Airmass Seeing Notes
 01:05 SN2019fdr
 JHK_J_17_5__19_0__on_off1.7 0.8" Observations completed in J,H bands but due to rotator issues we could not complete K band images (first 8 K-band images are useable)

EFOSC2 (switch over 02:10 UT)

 UT Target Type Setup Airmass Seeing Exp time Notes
 EG131 STD
 gr#11+13+16 slit1.0+1.5 1.1 1.0"
 Image analysis
 03:05 AT2018dyb Follow-up gr#11 slit1.0 1.3 1.1" 1x2700s 
 04:00 AT2019lvt Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.5 1.0" 1x2700s
 1x2700s (aborted)
 Bloody Ia post-max, z=0.23. Second OB aborted.
 05:15  AT2019lub Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.05         1.0" 900s II,  z=0.016  
 Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.05 0.85" 900s Ia (91bg-like?) +4d z=0.060 
 06:00 AT2019luc Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.1 0.8" 900s Blue, featureless spectrum 
 06:25 AT2019luz Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.0 1.0" 600s IIb pre-max z=0.03
 06:41         AT2019ltx Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.05 1.1" 1500s Ia at peak, z=0.05
 07:02 AT2019lrh Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.3     1.05" 900s Ia pre max, z=0.049
 07:25          AT2019lpp Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.2 1.1" 900s  Ia around max, z=0.08
 07:48 AT2019lro Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.1 -             - Aborted - not seen in acquisition image
 07:53 AT2019lqs Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.3 1.0" 900s Host dominated, possibly some transient on top
 08:18 AT2019lnm Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.6 1.0"  1500s Ia around max, z=0.09
 08:40 AT2019llh Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.3 1.2" 900s Ia +10d z=0.06
 09:00 AT2019lbr Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.25 1.2" 900s Blue, featureless continuum. Possibily some broad features
 09:25 AT2019loe Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.35 1.05" 1500s Noisy Ib around max? z=0.11
 10:00 AT2019lsk Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.15 1.1" 900s IIb at z=0.02
 10:14 Feige110 STD gr#11+13+16 slit1.0+1.5 1.4 1.0"