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Night report page - 20130417

Observers: Stefan Taubenberger, Stephan Hachinger
Data reduction team: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

1st night of 3rd subrun (only SOFI).
All observations turned out to be good quality unless noted otherwise (**).
Note: airmass values are estimates based on visibility chart (exact vals pls see files) -- this has been the same in our other night reports.

initial weather cond:         humidity ~18%, wind ~9m/s, ~clear sky
middle-of-night weather cond:
 humidity ~17%, wind ~11m/s...5m/s, ~clear sky 
late-night weather cond:      humidity ~20%, wind ~4m/s, ~clear sky  

afternoon: specflat and SpecArc cal. blocks excecuted again (had time)

UT 23:15    start of night with SOFI

UT 23:30    std.      GD71                      airmass=2.0    BG/RG    long_slit_1

--- seeing image 0.9'', DIMM 0.9'' ---

UT 23:40    followup  OGLE-2012-SN-006          airmass=2.1    JHK

UT 01:05    followup  SN2013ak                  airmass=1.1    JHK  

--- seeing image 0.8'', DIMM 0.7'' ---

UT 01:25    followup  SN2013ak                  airmass=1.3    BG/RG    long_slit_1

--- seeing image 0.8'', DIMM 1.1'' ---

UT 02:45    tellstd   Hip043141                 airmass=1.3    BG/RG    long_slit_1
* telluric standard for SN2013ak

UT 02:50    tellstd   Hip060074                 airmass=1.5    BG/RG    long_slit_1
* telluric standard for SN2013am #1 (2 times same standard, "synchronous" in airmass)

--- seeing image 1.0'', DIMM 1.0'' ---

UT 03:00    followup  SN2013am                  airmass=1.4    JHK

UT 03:30    followup  SN2013am                  airmass=1.6    BG/RG    long_slit_1

UT 05:20    tellstd   Hip060074                 airmass=1.6    BG/RG    long_slit_1
* telluric standard for SN2013am #2 (2 times same standard, "synchronous" in airmass)

UT 05:30    followup  SN2013K                   airmass=1.8    JHK
* used galless90sec pattern (marginally possible) to save time -> decent imaging + BG
  spec possible

--- seeing image 0.9'', DIMM 0.6'' ---

UT 06:05    followup  SN2013K                   airmass=1.8    BG
** tried spec -- low S/N: Turns out that object moved out of the slit after 3rd-4th
   subexposure. Reason unknown (guiding ok??), but has never been the case in any other
   obs. of this run.

UT 07:55    tellstd   Hip107010                 airmass=1.8    BG       long_slit_1
* telluric standard for SN2013K 

UT 08:00    tellstd   Hip109796                 airmass=2.1    BG       long_slit_1
* telluric standard #1 for SN2009ip

--- seeing image 0.9'', DIMM 0.6'' ---

UT 08:10    followup  SN2009ip                  airmass=1.8    BG
* observed into the twilight

--- seeing  DIMM 0.6'' ---

UT 10:15    tellstd   Hip114112                 airmass=1.4    BG       long_slit_1
* telluric standard #2 for SN2009ip

UT 10:30    end of night