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Night report page - 20130301

Observers: Nic Walton, Nadia Blagorodnova, Matt Nichol
Data reduction team: Cosimo Inserra, Morgan Fraser 

Observations with EFOSC.  
**Humidity ~25%

Calibration data done in the morning.


UT 01:20      GD71                          airmass=1.53       BG, RG


UT 02:30      L745a                         airmass=1.04       Gr11, Gr13, Gr13+GG495, Gr16+OG530 

--DIMM SEEING 0.7"--

UT 02:40      PSN J10011200 0019423         airmass=1.19        UBVRI                

This data was obtained in a technical night