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Night Report Page - 20121205

Observers: Laurent Le Guillou, Kate Maguire

Data reduction team: Yen-Chen Pan, Sylvain Baumont

Observing with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing ~ 0.8" (beginning of the night) increased to 1"


EFOSC2 bias + arcs / dome flats + skyflats grz

  UT 00:30     STD vma2
  UT 00:42     LSQ12dwl
  UT 00:49     CSS121015 gr13 + UBVri
  UT 02:21     LSQ12gdj gr11 + gr16
  UT 03:29     LSQ12gxj gr13 *classification* SN Ia  z=0.032  age=-6d (SNID)
  UT 03:57     LSQ12dlf  BVRi
  UT 04:52     STD GD71
  UT 05:07     LSQ12hcm gr13 *classification* (blue continuum ?)
  UT 05:37     LSQ12gzm gr13 *classification* SN Ia z=0.098 age=-7d (SNID)
  UT 05:58     LSQ12gpw gr13 *classification* SN Ia z=0.058 age=-4d (SNID)
                          (mistake: OBJECT="No-Name" file: EFOSC_Spectrum341_0016.fits)
  UT 06:12     LSQ12gxh gr13 *classification* SN II z=0.018
                          (mistake: OBJECT="No-Name" file: EFOSC_Spectrum341_0017.fits)
  UT 06:32     OGLE-2012-SN-040 gr11 + gr16
  UT 07:16     SNhunt121 Ri
  UT 07:57     LSQ12hbz   something wrong with the LSQ finder chart. Astrometry is wrong. 
                          The chart does not match the corresponding area in the sky.
  UT 08:06     LSQ12hbo gr13 *classification* old SN II z=0.013
  UT 08:26     STD LTT3864

EFOSC2 skyflats + arcs



LSQ12gxj 20121205 snidflux.png


LSQ12gzm 20121205 snidflux.png


LSQ12gpw 20121205 snidflux.png


LSQ12gxh 20121205 snidflux.png


TLSQ12hbo 20121205 snidflux.png