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Night Report Page - 20120915

Observers : Iair Arcavi, Yen-Chen. 
Data reduction team : K. Maguire, M. Sullivan, A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron

Clear and dry.
Some clouds at dawn, so probably not photometric.
EFOSC spec standards: EG274, Feige110, gd71
EFOSC phot standards: PG2336, PG0231
SN2012ca [EFOSC: Ugriz gm13, SOFI: JHKs Bg] - Followup
Rg sequence not taken (would have exceeded the airmass limit towards the end) 
Hip091690 taken before and after the SOFI spectra
Seeing varied from 0.8" to 1.5" and then back down to 0.8"-1.0"
LSQ12dwl [SOFI: JHKs, EFOSC: UBVRi gm13] - Followup
Technical problem with SOFI: Two quadrants were showing variable noise. Apparently this is known to happen at certain positions and rotator angles. 
The solution is usually to change rotator angle, but here it persisted, also at different positions (we tried a photometric standard field too and got 
it down to one noisy quadrant). The next thing to try is to go to the telescope and turn the electronics off and then on again. Rather than waste this 
time we switched to EFOSC and asked that the problem be looked at by the day crew, hoping that tomorrow it will not happen. 
Seeing ~0.8"
SSS120810:231802-560926 [EFOSC: UBVRi gm13] - Followup
Seeing ~1.0"
LSQ12dyw [EFOSC: UBVRi gm13] - Followup
Seeing ~1.5"
LSQ12dlf [EFOSC: BVRi] - Followup
Seeing ~1.4"
PTF12iqw [EFOSC: gm13] - Followup
Seeing ~0.9" 
Found a star not on the finding chart! Turns out it's asteroid (310) Margarita which happened to be passing by in the field...
PSNJ02263653-1208555 [EFOSC: gm13] - Followup
Seeing ~0.8"