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Night Report 2021-01-08

Observers: James Gillanders, Shubham Srivastav
Support: Luke Shingles, Michael Fulton
TAT: Claudia Gutierrez, Simon Prentice

EFOSC2 Calibrations:
Spectroscopic arcs

SOFI Calibrations:
Spectroscopic flats
Spectroscopic arcs
JHK flats

Start: humidity 59% wind 3.3 m/s
Middle: humidity 37% wind 6.3 m/s
End: humidity 31% wind 5.5 m/s


 UT Target Type Setup Exec-time[s] Airmass Seeing["] Notes
01:55SN2020adhiFollow-upJH31601.41.0Quadrant fault - rotator flipped.
02:52Image Analysis    1.5 
03:06SN2020ackfFollow-upJH 31601.61.2 

Switch to EFOSC2 --> 03:59

 UT Target Type Setup Slit Exposure[s] Airmass Seeing["] Notes
04:23AT2021nxClassificationGr1319001.91.3Blue continuum. Narrow H alpha emission. IIn or Ia-CSM?
04:46AT2021okClassificationGr1319001.11.0Blue and featureless spectrum.
05:08AT2021iaClassificationGr1319001.61.0Transient in lensed system. 
Unsure of classification - support team to attempt detailed extraction
05:35AT2021ppClassificationGr1319001.81.0SN Ia (Ia-91T?) at z ~ 0.1.
06:00ZTF21aabyoliClassification     Cannot see transient in the acquisition image (60s). Aborting OB.
06:08SN2019yvrFollow-upGr13    60s acquisition image obtained. Difficult to see - presence of SN not obvious. Aborting OB; PI can examine acquisition image to determine if object can be observed next sub-run.
06:50AT2021ia Imagingr-band 60 0.9Acquired 60s r-band image as requested.
07:00AT2021nm Classification Gr13 900 1.30.8Ia around peak. z~0.06
07:19AT2021hq Classification Gr13 900 1.50.7Ia before peak. z~0.08
07:41AT2021os ClassificationGr13 600 1.4 1.0 SN II before peak. z<~0.01
07:57AT2021qvClassificationGr1319001.50.8Type Ibc?
08:18AT2021jjClassificationGr1319001.20.8Normal Ia before peak. z~0.02
08:40AT2020aethClassificationGr1314001.10.9Ia after peak. z~0.05