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Night Report 2021-01-03

Observers: Ken Smith, James Gillanders
Support: Shubham Srivastav
TAT: Lluís Galbany
EFOSC2 Calibrations:
Spectroscopic arcs

Start: humidity 46% wind 3.6 m/s
Middle: humidity 43% wind 3.7 m/s
End: humidity 29% wind 2.6 m/s


 UT Target Type Setup Slit Exposure[s] Airmass Seeing["] Notes
12:56AT2020adagClassificationGr1316001.30.9Bright classification to start the night
Spectrum looks like a galaxy
01:55Image Analysis

02:23GD71Standard Gr11, 13, 16 1, 1.5 1200 1.50.7 
02:43SN2020zbf Follow-upGr13127001.31.1
04:17L745AStandardGr11, 13, 1619001.10.7 
04:39Image Analysis

PSFs elongated - reran Image Analysis to fix
05:21SN2020uewFollow-upGr13 2700 1.80.8OB aborted - too low in sky for good spectrum
05:26SN2020adow Follow-up Gr11, 161900, 9001.9 0.8
06:20AT2020aesr ClassificationGr13 900 1.3 0.9 SN Ia?
06:39SN2020acatFollow-upGr11, 16900, 900 1.40.7 
07:27AT2020adphClassificationGr131600 1.30.8SN Ia, -5d, z=0.07
07:43L745AStandard Gr11, 13, 16 9001.21.0
08:14AT2021JClassificationGr13 1300 2.51.0No good finder image for object - slit positioned to get all 3 possible candidates
Pretty sure it is the middle object
Slit not centred on object
young SN Ia (-12d?) z=0.002 (from host galaxy)
08:30AT2020adnuClassification      Observation abandoned - too high in the sky
08:54AT2020adlh ClassificationGr1313001.20.9 Observed well into twilight
Poor finder - slit possibly positioned on wrong object