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Night report 2020-02-13

Observers: Anais Möller, Melissa Amenouche (Clermont-Ferrand), Mat Smith (Southampton)
Support Team: Miika Pursiainen (Southampton), Charlotte Angus (DARK)
TAT: Giuliano Pignata (UNAB/MAS), Phil Wiseman (Southampton), Priscila Pessi (CONICET)

Summary: Photometric night with 7 follow-up targets (3 photometry; 5 spectroscopy) and 4 classifications

Afternoon Calibrations: Dome flats, Arcs, Bias frames

    Afternoon: Blue skies and a freshening wind 
    Sunset: 8.30 (local); 23.30 UT; a burning molten sun being consumed by the ocean
    Post-sunset: Skyflats: UBV; R and I will have to wait until morning. 
    Outlook: Small clouds on the horizon, but nothing to imply that we can't photometry it up. 
    Start of the night: Seeing 1.1"; Wind: 1m/s
    Middle of night: Seeing 0.9"; Wind: 2m/s 
    Early morning: Seeing 0.9"; Wind: 4m/s
    End of the night: Seeing 1.0"; Wind 5m/s
    Pre-sunrise: Skyflats: VRi; it's too bright for B :) 

1. Potential targets AT2020bxd, AT2020cdm, AT2020cho and AT2020asa have been classified elsewhere (all as SNeIa), so are removed from consideration

 UTTarget     Purpose Grism/Filter Conditions Exp. time Classification Notes
 00:30 L745a Standard gr11+gr13+gr161.2"; airmass 1.2 --- ---==> image analysis 
 01:00 SN2019pcr Follow-upg131.2"; airmass 1.8 1x2700s (SNII)2nd exposure after last night :).
 01:55 AT2019xis Follow-up Photometry: BVg0.9"; airmass 1.33x180s+3x90s+3x120s ---Average seeing 0.9". The target is clearly detected. 
 02:30 AT2020cgu Classification gr13 0.9"; airmass 1.5 600s SNIc @ -6 days @ z=0.018Target is in a beautiful host galaxy
 02:45 SN2019qem Follow-up gr11+gr16 1.0"; airmass 1.3 1500s in each arm (SNIIn)Problem with associated flat fields: the shutter to the lamp is closed. We move back to the target and repeat the OB to obtain flats only. 
 04:10 PG1047 Standard UBVRigrz  0.9"; airmass 1.3 --- ------
 04:20 SN2020in Follow-up gr13 0.9"; airmass 1.61x1500s (SNIIn)Clearly distinguishable from host in acq image 

 04:55 AT2020bfz Classification gr13 1.0"; airmass 1.2 600s SNIa @ +14 days @ z=0.054---
 05:10 SN2019wbg Follow-up Photometry: U 1.0"; airmass 1.3 3x300s ---
Object is not obviously visible in the U-band

 05:35 SN2019wbg Follow-up gr13 0.8"; airmass 1.2 2x1800s (SNIIn)---
 06:45 SN2019bka Follow-up  Photometry: BVRi 0.9"; airmass 1.5 5*150 (B) + 5x100 (VRi) ---The object is not visible in a B-band acq. image; a faint smudge can maybe be seen in V-band, but it is faint.
 07:50 AT2020oi Follow-up  gr11+gr16 0.8"; airmass 1.4 900s in each arm (SNIc) wowzer! Again there is an issue with the GR16 flats. We abort the OB, and suddenly they work. 
 08:45 AT2020bka Classification gr13  0.7"; airmass 1.5 900sSNIa @ +7 days @ z=0.115 ---
 09:00 PG1047 Standard UBVRigr  0.8"; airmass 1.6 --- --- z band is removed from the OB to save time
 09:15 AT2020ccm Classification gr13  1.0"; airmass 1.3 600s SNIa @ max @ z=0.060 ---
 09:30 EG274 Standard gr11+gr13+gr16 1.2"; airmass 1.1 --- ------
 09:40 --- ------ --- --- --- End of the night