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Night Report 2019-10-27

Observers: Panos Charalampopoulos, Giorgos Leloudas
Support Team: Charlotte Angus, Daniele Malesani, Luca Izzo
TAT: Morgan Fraser, Lluís Galbany, Ilya Mandel

sky flats grz (evening) 
bias, specflats and arcs (afternoon)

Start: Humidity 18%, wind speed 7.2 m/s, seeing: 1.5", thin clouds
Middle: Humidity 9%, wind speed  5.3 m/s , seeing: 1.2"
End : Humidity 9%, wind speed  6.5 m/s, seeing: 1.4"

Thin clouds at the beginning of the night.


UT Target Type Setup Seeing Exptime Notes
23:50 Feige110 STD 1.5"  
00:15SN2018khhFollow-upGr13, slit 1"1.5"2x2700
01:55AT2019jynFollow-upGr11+Gr16, slit 1"1.4"2700, 2700 
04:00ZTF19achewzuClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.3"900 
04:20ZTF19achuhfnClassificationGr13, slit 1"
-Transient not there in acquisition. Skip
04:25AT2019tknClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.2"900Target quite brighter than expected
04:50ZTF19acgkmgjClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.2"-Target not present. Must have been a CV. Skip
AT2019thsClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.2"900 z=0.166 from Ha, Hb. Blue. M = -20.2. FWHM_Hb=1200 km/s. SN IIn ?
05:25AT2019tkdClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.4"900 NT. No obvious transient signatures. The spectrum is that of a passive galaxy
05:50AT2019pdiClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.1"900 z=0.101 from SDSS. M =-18.9. Funky LC. Type II for sure. IIn ?
06:20SN2018ivcFollow-upGr13, slit 1"1.2"2700 Acquisition extremely difficult. Hope it is the correct object.
07:10AT2019tjmClassificationGr13, slit 1"1.3"300 SN Ia 91T/99aa 2-4 days before max. z = 0.035 from Na I D absorption
07:20AT2019ahkFollow-upGr11+Gr16, slit 1" 1.4"1800, 1800 
AT2019tkhClassificationGr13, slit 1"  1.4"120, 120
 No good FC. Two candidates near position. Took spectra of both to be sure.
08:55 L745a STD