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Night Report 2019-07-30

Charlotte Angus, Philip Wiseman

Support Team: 
Chris Frohmaier, Lizi Swann, Mat Smith

Lluís Galbany, Priscila Pessi, Stefan Taubenberger, Ilya Mandel

EFOSC2: Evening: Arcs, dome flats, bias
Morning: Arcs

Sunset: 22:17 UT, Twilight (end): 23.32 UT
Morning Twilight (start): 10.06 UT, Sunrise: 11:21 UT

Start of night: Clear, low wind 5 m/s
Middle of night: wind speed increasing, 12 m/s
End of night: Conditions stable - low wind 5/ms, clear. Seeing hovering around 1"


Night 3 of elevator-style soft jazz music. We're no longer sure if the track is actually changing, or if we've been listening to the same song on repeat for >10 hours...

...we think we're ready for a break. 



 UT Target Type Setup Airmass Seeing Exp time Notes
 23:28 AT2019lsm
 gr#13 slit1.01.4 1.2" 600sBlue continuum, helium emission in spectrum.
 Photo ionisation from Young type II? Host redshift z=0.042
 23:48 SN2019gqi Follow-up
 gr#13 slit1.
2.01.2 ''   1x2700s
 00:39 SN2019ltw Follow-up?  gr#11 gr#16 slit1. 1.61.3" 1x900s
 01:22 SN2019kcy Follow-up  gr16 1.8 1.4" 1x1800s Finishing follow-up from previous run.
 Only had time for 1x1800s before object set  below shutter limits.

SOFI (switch over 02:10 UT) + image analysis

 UT Target Type OB Airmass Seeing Notes
 SN2018bsz Follow-up K band 17.5-19.0_galless90sec *21.15 1.4"
 Wind speed increasing during observation :(
 03:31 SN2017hhl Follow-up J,H 17.5-19.0_galless90sec  1.55 1.4" 
 04:19 SN2017gqg Follow-up  J,H 17.5-19.0_galless90sec  1.3 1.1" 
 05:13 SN2017gww Follow-up J,H 16 -17.5_galless90sec  1.6 1.0-1.2" Seeing unstable over observations

EFOSC2 (switch over 05:29 UT) + image analysis

 UT Target Type Setup Airmass Seeing Exp time Notes
 05:58 EG131 STD  gr#11+13+16 slit1.0+1.5 1.3 1.0"  
 06:19 AT2019lwu Classification  gr#11slit1.0 1.2 1.0" 1800s Hit it with nuclear transient OB. Spectrum is blue and featureless...
 06:56     AT2019lxe Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.1 0.9" 1500s SN-Ia, -7d, z=0.04
 06:30 AT2019lxf Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.15 - - Unable to locate transient in acquisition image - aborted.
 06:35 AT2019lzk Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.15 0.96" 1500s SN-ia, -5d, z=0.085 
 04:09     AT2019lxq Classification  gr#13 slit1.0 1.1 0.86" 1500s Target seen (just!) in the acquisition image. 2D spectrum shows super red trace. M dwarf flare?
 04:41 AT2019lxb Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.05 - -     Not seen in acquisition image - aborted
 04:45 AT2019lzn Classification     gr#13 slit1.0 1.0 0.9" 1500s SN-Ia at peak, z=0.06
 05:20 AT2019lxp Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.03 0.88" 900s SN-Ia, -5d, z=0.09
 05:40 AT2019luy Classification gr#13 slit1.0 1.4 0.9" 1500s Best matches Ib at max, z~0.05
 06:10 STD Feige110 gr#11+13+16 slit1.0+1.5 1.45 0.9"