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Night report 2019-01-16

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Fabio Ragosta
TIO: Javier Alarcón
Initial conditions: clear

00:40 SOFI image analysis at the position of 18jky (onecal)
00:50 SN2018jky: seeing~1.2" on the RTD (no noise, so far)
00:58 SN2018jky: BG 3240s
01:14 SN2018jky: noise appears, OB aborted, reboot electronics
01:34 SN2018jky: reinstalling IRACE eletronic card eliminated the noise
01:37 SN2018jky: BG 3240s, second attempt
03:05 SN2018jky: J 1080s, HK 1440s, seeing~1"
04:20 SN2018ibb: JHK faint-sources OB, seeing~1.3"
04:50 image analysis at the position of 19cj (onecal)
04:53 SN2019cj: J 1080s, HK 1440s, seeing~1.3"
06:07 switch to EFOSC
06:15 full image analysis at the position of 19so
06:31 SN2019so: seeing~0.9-1"
06:38 SN2019so: gr16 1800s
07:18 SN2019so: gr11 1800s
07:53 LTT3864: gr11+13+16
08:04 SN2019be: seeing~1.5" on the RTD
08:14 SN2019be: gr13 1800s
- PESSTO_bias
- PESSTO_calib
- PESSTO_SOFI_specflat