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Night report 2019-01-15

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Fabio Ragosta
TIO: Pablo Arias
Conditions: clear

00:35 SOFI image analysis at the position of 18jky
00:55 SN2018jky: seeing~0.6" in the acquisition
01:05 SN2018jky: noise in the RTD, changing the rotator angle
01:20 SN2018jky: noise persists at many rotator angles
01:30 SN2018jky: aborted
01:40 switch to EFOSC
01:45 problems with guiding camera modules
01:52 LCU reboot
02:02 image analysis at the position of 18jkb
02:17 SN2018jkb: seeing~1.4" on the RTD
02:25 SN2018jkb: gr11 1800s
02:55 SN2018jkb: gr16 1800s
03:41 SN2019th: gr11 1500s classification
04:19 GD71: gr11+16
04:29 GRB190114C: seeing~1.2" on the RTD after onecal to focus
04:37 GRB190114C: griz after the two GROND epochs from tonight
04:46 GRB190114C: images with coma, onecal didn't correct the M2?
04:53 switch to SOFI
05:01 preset & image analysis at the position of SN18hfm
05:24 SN2018hfm: seeing~0.8-1" on the RTD (no electronic noise)
05:26 SN2018hfm: BG slit1" 3240s, 35 min overhead!
06:57 SN2018hfm: J 1080s, HK 1440s, seeing 0.7"
08:13 switch to EFOSC
08:21 SN2019be: preset, but cannot focus below altitude of 30°, aborted
08:28 SN2018bsz: onecal focus
08:36 SN2018bsz: r 3x200s, seeing~1.2"
08:51 PESSTO_bias
08:55 PESSTO_calib
- PESSTO_SOFI_specflat

Final conditions: thin layer of cirri