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Night Report 2018-05-05

Observers:Owen McBrienPeter Clark
Support Team:Erkki KankareKate Maguire
TAT:Maria Teresa BotticellaKate Maguire
Daytime Calibrations:Flats, arcs, bias
Twilight Start:22:04
Evening Calibrations:UBGRiLast 2 frames of i aborted due to dark skyWeather:Variable seeing 0.9 - ~1.4, some thin clouds towards the end of the night
Twilight End:23:26Morning Calibrations:Flats, arcs, bias
UTObjectSetupSlit WidthExp. time(s)AirmassDIMMImage SeeingCommentsClassification
22:50Image analysis
00:12L745aGR11, GR13, G16, GR18, GR201 & 1.58001.30.91
00:43AT2018behGR1313001.61.011.2SNID fits are not greatIa
01:04Swap to SOFI attemptedIssue with mirror acutatorsTelescope offline for ~1.5hr
NIR observations aborted
02:45ASSASN18fvGR 11, GR 16, GR18,GR 20118001.30.81
04:00AT2018ysAquisition Only1602.21.21.5SN was not immediately obvious so we moved on, especially with increasing airmass
04:27AT2018begGR1316001.10.91.4Blue continum with a few narrrow absorption feartures. No SNID match?
04:55EG274GR11, GR13, G16, GR18, GR201 & 1.51000111.4
05:18AT2018belGR1316001.611.35SNID provides a range of options?
06:48MASTERJ150803.15270155GR1316001.11.21.4Doubled exposure to combat cloudsAGN?
07:05AT2018bdmGR13118001.4511.4Doubled exposure to combat clouds, includes focus checkIa
07:51AT2018bdiGR1313001.51.21.4Blue continum, no SNID match?
08:03AT2018bbvGR1313001.41.21.4No SNID matchGalactic?
08:19AT2018beeGR1316001.41.11.4SNID suggests Ic at low redshiftGalactic\Ic?
09:30EG274GR11, GR13, G16, GR18, GR201 & 1.510001.41.31.4Slight overlap with twilight - 3 minutes
 Twilight Start: 09:52        
Observations Complete: