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Night report 2017-08-30

Observers: David Homan, Joe Lyman
TAT: Joe Anderson
Support team: Lluís Galbany

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats

Conditions: cloudy at start, largely dispersing by 01:00 but then returning for 2nd half of night; seeing erratic, mainly around 1.5"

Non-detections of ATLAS17jyf, jym and jyn

UT       Target            Type            Comment
23:00    PS17egl          followup         K band
00:30                     switch to EFOSC
00:35    LTT7379          standard
01:00    AT2017gjd        classification   Ia ~peak/slightly before.
01:10    AT2017gah        followup         g11 + g16
01:55    AT2017jym        classification   very faint diffuse object in acq - likely the host. if there is something on top of galaxy it was too faint to expect to get a spectrum.
02:00    AT2017jyn        classification   nothing visible at position, even in deeper acq
02:10                                      mirror alignment
02:15    AT2017jyf        classification   nothing visible in acq
02:20    OGLE17ojj        classification   galaxy
02:55    AT2017ghm        classification   v noisy, Ia?
03:10                                      clouds rolling in
03:25    OGLE17nfr        classification   just noise
04:00    ATLAS17jsb       followup         couldn't find in acq due to clouds
04:25                     dome closed
06:35                     dome opened
06:45    ATLAS17jsb       followup         g13
07:25                                      repayment for other program
07:50    Feige110         standard
08:15    AT2017fzw        followup         g11+g16 - some trouble with guiding system during acq, had to reboot, didn't work
08:40                                      switch to SOFI
08:55    AT2017gci        followup         JHK. clouds returned - J band +1/2 of H affected. J and a short H OB repeated in twilight.