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Night report 2017-08-16

Observers: David Homan, Joe Lyman
TAT: Maria Teresa-Botticella, Kate Maguire
Support team: Mark Magee

Calibrations: bias, dome flats+arcs

Morning BVRi skyflats

Conditions: Mainly clear, some thin clouds intermittent in middle of night; ~1" most of the night, getting better later.

UT     Target            Type             Comment
23:20    LTT7379        Standard
23:35    AT2017fwm      Classification    Ib/c about 2weeks post max
23:55    AT2017eby      Followup          g11+g16
01:20                   Image analysis
01:40    SN2009ip       Followup          BVRi imaging ~1"
03:30    SN2016cvk      Followup          Ri imaging
04:00    AT2017gat      Classification    Ic around peak
04:20    PS17ebh        Classification    not visible even in deeper acquisition, skipped
04:30    PS17ecp        Classification    Ia well past max
05:10    PS17ecr        Classification    Galaxy spectrum
05:35    PS17ecq        Classification    not visible (also not visible in latest PS)
05:40    PS17ecf        Classification    Ia well past peak
06:15                                     issue with rotator
06:40    PS17ebc        Classification    AGN
06:10    PS17ebv        Classification    maybe some SN signal but quite low S/N and dominated by galaxy
07:40    PS17eca        Classification    couldn't find on acq
07:50    PS17edh        Classification    AGN
08:10    AT2017gaw      Classification    young, blue continuum (II?)
08:30    OGLE17mat      Classification    couldn't find on acq
08:40    AT2017fzw      Followup          g13
09:00    AT2017gbk      Classification    Ia at peak
09:15    AT2017gci      Classification
09:25    SN2016jbu      Followup          V image
09:35    VMA2           Standard