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Night Report 2016-12-26

Observers: Aleksandar Cikota, Ken Smith
TAT on duty: Michel Dennefeld, Morgan Fraser, Mark Magee
Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations:

EFOSC2: PESSTO_calib (arcs only), PESSTO_bias

Weather conditions: clear. 68% humidity, raising. Wind ~12m/s raising, pyrgeometer "thin clouds".

00:50 UT: Follow up of SN2016ije in JHK passbands.
----01:00 UT: Abort after J passband filter because of pointing restrictions due to wind, and change to EFOSC.

01:30 UT: Follow up OGLE16dmu, 2xgr16. Seeing 1.4"
03:01 UT: Follow up of ASASSN-15og, BVrgi photometry. Seeing ~1.5". wind between 12 and 15 m/s.
06:10 UT: Standard star LTT3864. Seeing ~1.2, wind ~15 m/s.
06:22 UT: conditions bad but stable. Seeing ~1.2, wind ~15 m/s, minor earthquake.
06:34 UT: switch to SOFI

06:40 UT: Follow up of SN2016adj
07:50: switch to EFOSC

Classification of DLT16ca, a 13 mag transient. wind ~10m/s. Looks stellar, Stefano says it's probably CV.

08:15 UT: End of night
08:20 UT: PESSTO_SkyFF_mor_irgVB (ran out of time for B and one exposure short in V). We didn't plan on doing photometry today! We'll do BV this evening.