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Night Report 2016-12-20

Observers: Ken Smith, Aleksandar Cikota
TAT on duty: Michel Dennefeld, Morgan Fraser, Mark Magee
Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations:

EFOSC2: PESSTO_calib (arcs only), PESSTO_bias

Weather conditions: thin clouds, 56% humidity, seeing ~0.8", wind 1.2m/s

00:05 UT: PESSTO_SkyFF_eve_BV
00:25 UT: Image analysis
00:47 UT: "Classification" of LSQ13cto (host galaxy), z~0.12
(01:16 UT: end of twilight)
01:17 UT: Follow up of SN 2009ip, BV passbands only, seeing 0.81"
02:16 UT: Follow up of SN 2016egz, observed 1x1800 because of time constraints
02:58 UT: Standard star L745a, gr13+gr16 with 1.0 slit only; seeing 0.8"
03:15 UT: Follow up of AT2016iyd, gr11+gr16
04:27 UT: "Classification" of LSQ13ccs (host galaxy). z~0.052
04:58 UT: Standard star gd71, gr11+gr13+gr16, 1 arcsec slit only. Conditions stable and good. Seeing ~0.8".
05:15 UT: Classification of AT2016itl. Type Ia-91T, a week after peak. z~0.043.
05:35 UT: Image analysis
05:55 UT: Follow up of AT2016aqf. It took a while to find the finder chart.
07:37 UT: Classification of AT2016iyv. Type Ia-91T like, a few days before max. z~0.03.
07:47 UT: Classification of AT2016ixf. Type Ia around peak. z~0.07.
07:58 UT: Classification of AT2016iym. Classification: ?, probably stellar. (Gaia says candidate CV)
(08:05 UT: beginning of twilight)

08:08 UT: Classification of AT2016iyp. stellar? check whether the target is correctly selected.
08:18 UT: Classification of AT2016iyk. Type II, at peak or slightly before peak. z~0.02.
08:31 UT: Classification of OGLE16fxq. Very noisy because of reduced exposure and twilight. maybe stellar?
08:44 UT: End of night.
Morning calibrations: PESSTO_calib (arcs only)