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Night Report 2016-12-18

Observers: Aleksandar Cikota, Ken Smith
TAT on duty: Michel Dennefeld, Morgan Fraser, Mark Magee
Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations: 

EFOSC2: PESSTO_calib (only arcs)

Weather conditions: thin clouds, windstill, 44% humidity, seeing 1.17" at 00:08UT

Twilight calibration: 00:00 UT: PESSTO_SkyFF_Vi, PESSTO_SkyFF_BR
00:30 UT: Image analysis
00:55 UT: Follow up of SN2009ip. Seeing 0.94", but weather monitor indicates thin clouds.
02:15 UT: Standard star gd71, seeing 1.2"
03:43 UT: Follow up of SN2016ije, seeing ~1"
04:05 UT: Follow up of SN2016hnk, seeing 0.93"
05:50 UT: Standard star L745a
06:22 UT: Classification of AT2016ixb. Seeing 0.9". Coordinates are wrong, SN is 3.2 arcsec closer to core. It is a Ia, few days pre-max, at z~0.02.
06:45 UT: Classification of AT2016iww. Type Ia, a week past max at z~0.07
07:15 UT: Classification of AT2016ipb. Type Ia, probably 91T like, post max, at z~0.09
07:36 UT: Classification of AT2016iwv. Type Ia, 2 weeks past peak, z~0.05
07:59 UT: Classification of AT2016ioq. Seeing 0.6". Type Ia, 4 weeks past max. z~0.025
08:10 UT: End of night.

08:11 UT: PESSTO_bias
08:18 UT: PESSTO_calib (only arcs)