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Night Report 2016-10-21

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen
Support Team: Southampton
TAT on duty: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:
Start - Few clouds at the South, strong wind
Middle - Very bad seeing, strong wind, allowed to point only to south
End - Seeing still bad, strong wind, pointing still restricted


PESSTO calib
PESSTO_SkyFF_eve_grz (due to the technical issue, only 2 z flats were taken)


23:40 Technical problem in the NTT, the systems crashed, re-booting

00:00 Back in action
00:10 Image analysis

We start with EFOSC2

00:10 Feige 110, standard star, seeing 1.5"
00:35 SMT-DWF16bc, follow up, gr13, seeing 1.4"

01:15 Switch to SOFI

01:20 Telescope closes due to strong wind

02:55 Telescope opens, allowed to point only to south

03:00 HIP108375, telluric standard for AT2016cvk (please ignore this exposure, due to a mistake in the OB we picked the wrong star, will pick the right one after the science image exposure)
03:15 Image analysis not possible, bad seeing, telescope focus
03:25 AT2016cvk, follow up BG+RG, very bad seeing at the beginning, getting better later on

04:35 Telescope closes again due to strong wind, 8 BG exposures for AT2016cvk were taken
05:20 Telescope opens again, pointing only south

05:25 AT2016cvk, follow up, JHK, seeing 1.5"
05:35 HIP108375, telluric standard for AT2016cvk, only BG, since we lost the RG exposures
05:40 SN2016gkg, follow up, JHK, seeing 2"
05:50 SN2015F, follow up, J, seeing 1.7"
07:00 LTT3218, flux standard star for SOFI, only BG, seeing=1.7"

07:10 Switch to EFOSC2

07:30 OGLE16esg, classification, seeing=2", slit=1.5", SN Ia, z=0.148, a week before max
08:05 OGLE16etd, classification, seeing=1.9", slit=1.5", SN II, inconclusive phase and redshift 
08:25 MASTERJ033333.26-623314.7, classification, seeing=2",  SN Ia, z=0.024, at peak
08:35 LTT3864, standard star, seeing 2"

09:00 End of night