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Night Report 2016-09-18

Observing: Lawrence Short
Support Team: Simon Prentice and Phil James
TAT: Joe Anderson, Regis Cartier

Start of night: UT 23:56 = LST 19:06



Age: 17.62 days
Illumination: 92%
Rises: ~00:50


Weather conditions

Start of night:  Clear, seeing ~1.2"
Middle of night: Clear, seeing ~1.1"
End of night:



Daytime: EFOSC bias (18:02), spec arcs and flats (18:11)
Evening: grz Flats (23:02)


All observations with EFOSC
23:22 SN2016aiy (follow-up) phot B -- Early start due to risk of reaching pointing limit -- Airmass 2.4
00:00 Wind starting to get strong
00:23 ASASSN-15oz (follow-up) g13 -- 2700s
01:09 ASASSN-15oz (follow-up) g13 -- 2700s
02:00 pointing restriction in place, could no longer point south
02:06 AT2016etz (classification) -- couldn't determine the object from the galaxy, had to guess slightly from the where the finding chart points to but probably ended up in the wrong place
02:40 AT2016geq classification attempted but couldn't determine object on aquisition image
02:50 CSS160904-230721+025428 (follow-up) g11+g16
03:56 AT2016gft (classification) -- Type IIP after max
04:20 Pointing restriction lifted
04:25 AT2016gfk classification attempted but telescope moved during acquisition for some reason and the offset was completely off


04:35 Hand over to other observer