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Night Report 2016-08-07

Observing: Tom Reynolds
Support Team: Morgan Fraser
TAT: Joe Anderson, Janet Chen

Weather conditions

Start of night:  Quite a lot of high cirrocumulus, some lurking low cloud, seeing ~1.2"
Middle of night: Clear, seeing ~0.8"
End of night: Clear seeing 0.8"



Daytime: Bias, spectroscopic flats and arcs
Evening: UVi flats
Morning: -


22:50    Standard, LTT737, 1" and 1.5"
23:10    Image analysis
23:25    AT2016esh (classification): Observed Gr13, 600s, 1". Normal Ia, around maximum
23:36    End of twilight
            Rising clouds, pretty even coverage of sky.
23:42    SN2016blz (follow-up): Observed Gr11, 2700s, slit 1". Through clouds.
            Clouds mostly gone
00:35    SN2016adj (follow-up): Observed 2x200, 2x100, 2x50 r'. Bright star next to target was saturating and spiking, hence reduced times
00:58    SN2016blz (follow-up): Observed Gr16, 2700s, slit 1".
02:01    SN2016els (follow-up): Observed Gr11 2700s+1800s and Gr16 2x1800s slit 1.0"
05:05    ASASSN15oi (follow-up): Observed Gr16 2700s, slit 1.0"
06:08    SN2016enp (follow-up): Observed Gr11+16 2x1800s slit 1.0"
08:57    SN2016aqf (follow-up): Observed Gr13 2x1800s slit 1.0"
10:00    Start of twilight
10:10    AT2016esn (classification): Observed Gr13 300s, slit 1.0". Normal Ia, around maximum
10:20    AT2016emw (classification) Observed Gr13 600s slit 1.0". Type II, a few days post maximum
10:40    Standard VMA2, 1"