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Night Report 2016-07-31

Observing: Morgan Fraser, Tom Reynolds
Support Team: Seppo Mattila
TAT: Lluís Galbany, Stefan Taubenberger

Weather conditions

Start of night:  Thin cirrocumulus covering most of sky, seeing ~1"
Middle of night: Closed due to clouds
End of night: Clear, seeing 1-1.5



Evening: EFOSC biases, spec flats

Software error caused 5.0" slit to be used instead of 1" throughout, so only 1.5" data is good

Clouds and this problem prevented evening skyflats


Start of night: Had to restart observing system multiple times and wait for TOś to try and solve 1" slit problem.

No time for evening std, twilight taken up by attempt to fix system.

COULD NOT SOLVE PROBLEM: all spectra taken with 1.5" slit, 1.0" slit unavailable

23:00    SN2016ase (follow-up): Could not acquire even with deeper acquisition image due to clouds
23:15    Image analysis
23:30    Standard, EG274, 1.5" slit only
23:33    End of twilight
23:40    SN2016AJ (follow-up): Could not see target in a long R acquisition image, so did not continue. Assume we need cloudless night
23:47    ASASSN15oz (follow-up): 3x200s R, can see the target.
00:02    Gaia16awz (Classification): 300s, Gr13, 1.5" slit. Not enough signal, took 1200s same setup. Still could not extract spectrum
00:35    Gaia16awy (Classification): 1200, Gr13, 1.5" slit. CV, spectrum observed through clouds
01:02    Gaia16awm (Classification): 1200 Gr13, 1.5" slit, CV
01:32    AT2016ekg (Classification): 300s Gr13, 1.5" slit, cut short by closure. Early Ia, few days pre-max.
04:05    REOPENED
04:05    SN2009ip (follow-up): Could not see the galaxy clearly in acquisition, aborted due to cloud
04:14    OGLE-131 (follow-up): Again aborted due to cloud
04:18    PS16dnm (classification): Could not acquire, even in a deep 60s exposure. Didn't look like clouds, target seems faint
            Clouds almost all dispersed
04:24    PS16dnp (classification): 600s, Gr13, 1.5" slit. Early Ia, few days pre-max.
04:42    PS16dno (classification): Could not see target in acquisition image, presumably faded.
04:48    SN2009ip (follow-up): Observed 10x150 B, 8x150 V
05:48    OGLE-131 (follow-up): Observed 9x200 B
06:28    SN2016AJM (follow-up): Observed 4x300 B
06:54    ASASSN15og (follow-up): Observed BVgri, Gr16 2700s 1.5" x 2. Did not get spectroscopic flats, multiple problems with saturation and arc lamps being on
10:00    OGLE15xl (follow-up): Observed z 200sx9
10:00    Beginning of twilight