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Night Report 2015-03-13

Observer : Morgan Fraser
Support team : Southampton (Mat Smith and others)
TAT : Joe Anderson, Cosimo Inserra

Start of night: Thin cirrus, 2 m/s wind, 65% humidity
Moon from 04.30 onwards at 45% illumination
End of night: Can't see any clouds at dawn, 5 m/s wind, 60% humidity

Seeing: Measured 1" in V at 01.15, subarcsecond for most of night.

Lost ~1hr total due to technical issue with rotator (not caused by going to zenith - this is
an intermittent fault which has started happening over the last couple of months).

Afternoon calibrations:    SOFI arcs and specflats

23.10    Sunset

23.25    HIP 016853 (Telluric standard for PSNJ07361576-6930230  )

23.30    PSNJ07361576-6930230
             SOFI JHK imaging, BG+RG spectra

00.23    End twilight

00.55    Switch to EFOSC

01.04    GD71 (standard)

01.21    Telescope error - system restated

01.29    OGLE-2015-SN-043
             BVRi imaging, seeing ~1" at start of sequence
02.40    OGLE-2015-SN-035
             Gr#13 2x1800s
             Telescope error after first OB (03:17). Problem is connected to rotator, ESO are
             aware of this as an intermittent issue, but do not know the cause yet.

04.10    PSNJ07361576-6930230
             600s Gr#11,16
             Calibration unit for internal flats did not move, TO had to insert manually.

04.49    PS15br
             2x1500s Gr#16

05.56    LSQ15kp
             2x1800s Gr#11 (taking Gr#16 later when target has passed zenith to avoid rotator limit)
             07.06 - Second OB ended early after ~1700s due to telescope error (this was not due to
             being too close to zenith - elevation was <80 deg when problem occured).

07.12    PSNJ14095513+1731556
             2x1800s Gr#13

08.18    LSQ15kp
             2x1800s Gr#16

09.21    Twilight

09.34    EG274 (standard)

09.47    LSQ15so
             Gr#13 classification, Ia, z=0.07, a few days post max.

10.05    LSQ15st
             Gr#13 classification, only got 300s as sky was getting brighter.
             Ia, z=0.06, post max (best fitting templates are pre-max, but LC is clearly post-peak)

10.34    Sunrise (too bright for skyflats)