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Night Report 2015-01-14

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm
TAT: Annalisa de Cia, Morgan Fraser

No clouds at the start of the night, humidity of ~50%. Seeing~1”. Will attempt EFOSC photometry and spectroscopy. Both followup and classifications planned.


- 20.30UT: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib
- 23:50UT: Sunset
- 00:15: Flat fields UBVri, mixed up the order of the OBs, some exposures failed
- 09:10: Flat fields UBVRi


EFOSC observations  

- 00:55 ASASSN-14il, Airmass=, Seeing=1.06”
Comment: Increased exposure times because we start early
- 01:05 ASASSN-14kp, gr13 Airmass=, Seeing=1.00”
Comment: 1x3300 exposure, decent signal
- 02:08 PSN1-15p, Classification gr13, Airmass=x, Seeing=0.60”
Comment: Ia few days before max, z=0.027
- 02:25 OGLE47, Followup photometry UBVRi, Airmass=x, Seeing=0.66”
- 02:52 ASASSN-14ha, Photometry, U, Airmass=x, Seeing=0.81”
- 03:10 OGLE13, Classification gr13, Airmass=1.54, Seeing=0.97”
Comment: Ia, high z=0.14, phase about -5d
- 03:37 OGLE07, Classification gr13, Airmass=x, Seeing=0.7”
Comment: Type II close to max, z=0.060 (SNID and Gelato best matches to IIPs)
- 04:08 LSQ14efd Followup photometry, BVRi Airmass=x, Seeing=0.6”
- 05:06 STD phot field pg1047, Airmass=1.55, Seeing=0.54”
- 05:20 ASASSN-15as, Classification gr13, Airmass=1.x, Seeing=0.55”
Comment: Ia z=0.028 -1d (SNID)
- 05:30 ASASSN-15az, Classification gr13, Airmass=1.36, Seeing=0.68”
Comment: Ia z=0.028 +1d (SNID)
- 05:38 OGLE73, Followup photometry BVRi, Airmass=1.5, Seeing=0.5”
- 06:40 OGLE73, Followup spectroscopy, gr13 Airmass=1.55, Seeing=0.43”
Comment: Repeat obs. of last night. Object centered very carefully on the slit. Centering looked perfect at the start of the exposures.
- 08:05 LSQ14gow Classification gr13, Airmass=1.08, Seeing=0.44”
Comment: low SNR, High-z Ia?, Gelato +16d, z=0.2 (Ic also decent match)
- 08:35 LSQ15z Classification gr13, Airmass=, Seeing=0.51”
Comment: Ia z=0.071 after peak SNID



with EFOSC:

- ASASSN-14il Phot. followup BVRi
- ASASSN-14kp Spec. followup gr13
- OGLE47 Phot. followup UBVRi
- ASASSN-14ha Phot. followup U
- LSQ14efd Phot. followup BVRi
- OGLE73 Phot. followup BVRi, repeated 1x3000 gr13 spectrum attempted last night, this spectrum looks OK, and matches the ones observed Dec. 2014

- PSN1-15p Ia few days before max
- OGLE13 high-z Ia z=0.14 before max
- OGLE07 type II z=0.06
- ASASSN-15as Ia before max z=0.028
- ASASSN-15az Ia around max z=0.029
- LSQ14gow Ia around max
- LSQ15z Ia around max
- LSQ14gow looks like high-z type Ia or possibly Ic
- LSQ15z Ia z=0.071 after peak