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Night Report 2015-01-13

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm
TAT: Annalisa de Cia, Morgan Fraser

Sky not photometric at the start of the night. We perform only EFOSC2 Spectroscopy, emphasis is on follow-up.
Still some problems with the PESSTO marshal (will not accept new tickets). Seeing improved from 1” down to sub 0.5” during the night!


- 00.10UT: 1x PESSTO_bias
- 00:20UT: 1x PESSTO_calib
- 23:47UT: Sunset


EFOSC observations  

- 00:54 SN2014cx followup, gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.4, Seeing=1.14”
Comment: Target setting fast at the beginning of the night, 2x1500 barely possible
Very nice SNR for the spectrum in gr11,
- 02:00 ASASSN14lw followup gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.5, Seeing=0.62”
Comment: Target also setting early, 2x1200 performed. Nice signal both grisms.
- 02:56 PESSTO-10 followup, gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.35, Seeing=0.69” 
Comment: decent SNR obtained, however, several cosmic rays
- 03:53 ASASSN14ha FOLLOWUP, gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.25, Seeing=0.59”, 2x1200, excellent seeing allowed slight reduction in exp.t
Comment: H-alpha visible, type II, or SN impostor spectrum?, good signal
- 04:55 OGLE-073 followup gr13, Airmass=1.3, Seeing=0.76”
Comment: SN very faint, but great seeing of down to 0.51” during the exposures should hopefully help
- 06:40 STD_l745 Airmass=1.1, Seeing=0.62”
- 07:16 ASASSN14lp followup gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.1, Seeing=0.54”
Comment: Fairly close to the moon, but still got a fantastic signal due to exceptional seeing down to regularly down to 0.49” 



with EFOSC:

- SN2014cx, Gr11+Gr16, good signal in both grisms
- ASASSN14lw, Gr11+Gr16, good followup spectrum
- PESSTO-10, Gr11+Gr16, OK signal
- ASASSN14ha, Gr11+Gr16, OK
- OGLE-073, Gr13 3000s x 2, SN very faint, low SNR spectrum
- ASASSN14lp, Gr11+Gr16, fantastic signal and follow-up spectrum