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Night Report 2014-12-29

Observers: Pierre-François Léget, Nicolas Chotard & Marine Ducrot
TAT:Morgan Fraser, Lluís Galbany

The sky is perfectly clear tonight. We will do SOFI and EFOSC observations. Spectroscopic and photometric night.


    - 19:30UT: 1x PESSTO_calib
    - 21.00UT: 1x PESSTO_bias
    - 23:50UT: Sunset


     SOFI observations  
    - 00:25UT: K_SN2013hx. Airmass 1.15 Seeing 0.94"

     EFOSC observations 
    - 02:45UT: LSQ14gov spec gr13.
Airmass 1.04 Seeing 0.94"
        SNID classified it as SN Ia, z~=0.09, p=-9 days wrt maximum light
    - 03:15UT: T_phe Standar star photometry UBVRi. Airmass 1.77 Seeing 0.83"
    - 03:21UT: gd71 Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16). Airmass 1.44 Seeing 0.83"
    - 03:55UT: LSQ14gqk spec gr13. Airmass 1.13 Seeing 0.80"
        SNID classified it as SN Ic, z~=0.03, p=-6 days wrt maximum light
    - 04:15UT: OGLE-2014-SN-189. Photometry Ri. Airmass 1.26 Seeing 0.76"
    - 05:40UT: OGLE2014SN210 spec gr13. Airmass 1.52 Seeing 0.78"
        SNID classified it as SN Ia, z~=0.09, p=0 days wrt maximum light
    - 06:10UT: LSQ14gok spec gr13. Airmass 1.68 Seeing 0.63"
        SNID classified it as SN Ia, probably bg-like, z~=0.04, p=-3 days wrt maximum light
    - 06:35UT: LSQ14an photometry BVRi. Airmass 1.87 Seeing 0.62"
    - 08:25UT: STD_LTT3864_g11+g16+gm13_1+1.5. Airmass 1.01 Seeing 0.71"


with SOFI:

- SN2013hx in K-band

with EFOSC:

- OGLE-2014-SN-189 in R-band and i-band
- LSQ14an in B-band, V-band, R-band, and i-band

-LSQ14gov (Type Ia, z=0.09, and phase= -7 days)
-LSQ14gqk (Type Ic, z=0.03, and phase= -6 days)
-OGLE-2014-SN-210 (Type Ia, z=0.09, and phase= +0 day)
-LSQ14gok (Type Ia-91bg, z=0.04, and phase= -3 days)