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Night report 2014-09-30

Observers:   Chris Ashall, Nic Walton
TAT: kate, stefan
Data reducers: Morgan Fraser, Nadia Blagorodnova

red text=classification 

Conditions: good transparency, seeing ~1.0'

UT 23:20:   Sky flats BRU

UT 23:22:   EG131 standard and image analysis

UT 00:05:   LSQ14fmc ~maximum, z=0.188 

UT 00:37:   OGLE-2014-SN-076    galaxy, not SN

UT 01:11:   LSQ14foy SN Ia-91T -1d, z=0.118

UT 01:21:   LSQ14fhz SN Ia, +10d, z=0.112

UT 01:53:   CSS140925-005854+181322  probably not a SN

wind speed >12,  pointing restrictions

UT 02:20:   LSQ14efd-phot B(3*300s), VRi(1*200s)

UT 02:50:   CSS140925-011731+054106 SN Ia +3ds z=0.114

wind speed is now fine ~10

UT 03:15:     CSS140925-002812+070944 gr13

UT 04:00:    SN 2014da gr13- confirmation as 91bg like at 51 days

UT 04:15:    LSQ14efd spec Gr13 3x2700

UT 08:33:  ASASSN-14ha  Gr11 Gr16

UT 09:12:   PSNJ08174339-3007211 - no spectrum taken, target was not at the given coordinates 

UT 09:22: EG 131

end of night seeing ~0.75'