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Night Report 2014-09-28

Observers: Chris Ashall, Nic Walton
TAT: Stefan, Kate
Data reducers: Morgan Fraser, Nadia Blagorodnova

red font=classification

Conditions: good transparency, no clouds at start of night. Seeing ~0.9'

UT 23.07:    Sky flat BRVi

UT 23.35:    EG131 standard  

UT 23.57:    image analysis 

UT 00.22:     LSQ14foj SN Ia, z=0.034, ~7 days before maximum 

UT 00.41:     LSQ14fnx SN Ia, z=0.07, +2 days

UT 01.01:     LSQ14fom SN Ia, 0d, z=0.054

UT 01.22:    CSS140925-223344-062208 SN IIP z=0.02 ~2days before maximum, there is a faint underlying sloan galaxy R=21.8 mag

UT 01.40:      LSQ14fin SN Ia, z=0.129, -6d

UT 02.03:      LSQ14fnc  SN IIP, z=0.034, -3d

UT 02.28:      LSQ14fml   SN Ia, z=0.085, -5d 

UT 02:51:      LSQ14fnm  not sure about the classification, spectrum may have too low S/N

UT 03:10:     CSS140914-010107-101840 Gr13 Gr16

UT 04:33:     SN 2009ip 2x200s i, 2x100s R, 4x200s B, 2x200s V 

UT 05:15:    SN 2014da gr13, spectrum is noisy could not confirm if it was 91-bg like.

UT 05:29:    ASASSN-14ha gr11 gr16

UT 06:23:    SN 2014cx gr11 gr16

UT 07:34:    CSS140914-021317-071932 gr 13 spectrum too noisy for definitive classification

UT 07.49:    PSNJ04080713-0849372 gr13 SN Ia, -2d, z=0.041
seeing ~0.9'
UT 08.08:    LSQ14fnl SN Ia, z=0.127, at maximum light

UT 08:31:    OGLE-2014-SN-078 SN Ia, z=0.095, -4d 

UT 08:54:    OGLE-2014-SN-082 SN IIp, z=0.04, +7d

UT 09:19:      L745a standard 1' only

UT 09:40:    BR skyflats