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Observers:  Maxime Deckers, Simon Prentice
Support: Jacco Terwel, Mark Magee
TAT: Cristina Barbarino, Giuliano Pignata, Tomás E. Müller Bravo

EFOSC Calibrations: bias, calib, UBVRI skyflats

Start: humidity 48, wind 1.5, seeing -
Middle: humidity 54, wind 0.9, seeing 1.2
End: humidity 55, wind 1.3, seeing 1.2

We switched from EFOSC2 to SOFI near the start of the night, and later back to EFOSC2

Started with EFOSC

 UT Target Type Set up
 Slit Exposure Airmass Seeing Notes
 00:34AT2021bxu Classificationgr131.0900s1.30.8Odd Ib/IIb, already classified
 01:00AT2021blz Follow upgr131.01500s1.00.8 

Switched to SOFI

 UT Target Type Set up
 Slit Exposure Airmass Seeing Notes
 01:53SN2021bmr Follow up JH  -2520s1.00.8
 02:46SN2021bnd Follow up JH -2520s1.11.1 
 03:25SN2021bmy  Follow up JH -2520s1.11.2 
 04:13SN2021bpn Follow up JH -2520s1.11.2 
 05.01SN2021bsx Follow up JH -2520s1.51.2 

Back to EFOSC2

 UT Target Type Set up
 Slit Exposure Airmass Seeing Notes
 06:05l745aStandardgr11, gr16, gr131.0, 1.5100s1.41.2
 06:30ZTF21aajezvpClassificationgr131.0-1.51.2 No source visible
 06:36ZTF21aaisnthClassificationgr131.0900s1.31.2 Looks like SN Ia
 06:58AT2021ckuClassificationgr131.0600s1.01.2 SN Ia around max
 07:16SN2021canFollow upgr111.01500s2.01.2 
 07:48AT2021cpiClassificationgr131.0900s1.81.2 Blue and featureless, likely young SN II
 08:10ZTF21aahfjbsClassificationgr131.0900s1.91.2 SN Ia at max
 08:30AT2021cklClassification gr131.0600s1.51.2 Just galaxy?
 08:44LTT3864Standardgr11, gr16, gr131.0, 1.5100s1.31.2