SMARTS 1.3m ANDICAM imaging

Queen's, University of Southampton, MPA, and Wiezmann have purchase time on the SMARTS 1.3m telescope at CTIO with the ANDICAM imager, initially from February - April 2013.  We are allocated 45mins per night. 

Website :

The instrument has a beam splitter, so we can do 

  • BVRI optical imaging  (6 arcmin field) 
  • Simultaneous imaging in JHK (one filter at a time ; 1 armin field)

PESSTO Key Science Targets can be triggered on the 1.3m telescope. Janet Chen from Queen's is the scheduler - to trigger a PESSTO Key Science target, send Janet details (Janet Chen <>). Approximate cadence we are targeting with SMARTS 1.3m, assuming targets are between 18-20 mag. 

To trigger a target, simply tell Janet which one and note it on the marshall. It must be a PESSTO approved Key Science Target. She will schedule it for the following BVRI data, and if you have other requests, such as daily coverage for SNe close to explosion epoch, or very fast declining SNe then tell Janet your preference. We require XXhrs notice to trigger observations.  

NIR imaging : many of our targets will be faint for 1.3m NIR imaging, if you don't specifiy what you want we will gather dithered J-band data during all the optical imaging. Otherwise please tells what you want and we will try. 

 Phase Length     Cadence Number of epochs
 1-30d     30d     3d 10
 30-70d           40d 6d 7
 70-120d 50d 10d 5

Requests for other use of the time should be sent to (Stephen Smartt, Mark Sullivan, Avishay Gal-Yam and Wolfgang Hillebrandt). 

List of targets for SMARTS 1.3m light curves 

 Object Science PI Epoch
 LSQ13bnx Joe Polshaw
 LSQ13fn Joe Polshaw 13
 OGLE2013-SN-016 Morgan Fraser
& Joe Polshaw
 PSNJ13540068-0755438 Kate Maguire 14
 PSNJ15213475-0722183 Maria Teresa Botticella 12
 SN2009ip Morgan Fraser   4
 SN2012hr Kate Maguire
 SN2012hs Milena Bufano
 SN2013ai Morgan Fraser  
 SN2013ak Felipe Olivares
& Giuliano Pignata
 SN2013ej Fang Yuan
 SN2013ek Steve Schulze 13
 Massimo Turatto 
& Lina Tomasella
 SSS130221 Stefano Benetti &
 Leonardo Tartaglia
 SSS130304 Kate Maguire
 CSS130809 Matt Nicholl 2
 LSQ12hxg Joe Polshaw 1
 OGLE2012-SN-006 Andrea Pastorello 3
 OGLE2013-SN-019 None 4 
 SN2012ca Cosimo Inserra 2
 SN2012ec Morgan Fraser 2
 SN2013dg Matt Nicholl 1

Acknowledging SMARTS
There is no specific wording for acknowledgements to SMARTS, but we do ask that you post the reference here: 
Please also include the words "operated by the SMARTS Consortium" in addition to the specific telescope/instrument combination when describing your observations. When appropriate, a reference to SMARTS in the abstract of papers is appreciated.

Data access

The data log named "data_log.txt", you could find the date when your targets have been observed.

The optical images are reduced, but in NIR are not reduced.
 calibrations, the combined dome flat in the folder "flatsir", 
and the raw data of flat-fileds and dark frames are listed in the "calibsir.txt".
You could also find standard stars both in optical and NIR when you search the "standards.txt" list.
For more details, please see the data products link below.

Data Products