SSDR3 Phase III PESSTO Object Photometry Catalogue

This multi-epoch photometric catalogue shall contain the photometric data from all of the PESSTO light curves for datasets completed before 1st May 2016. Each row in this catalogue consists of the photometric measurements for one source obtained at one epoch and the catalogue is linked to the PESSTO Transient Catalogue via the unique TRANSIENT_ID.

The first release of this catalogue contained 18 PESSTO objects and can be found here:

  1. SN2012hn
  2. SN2012ca
  3. CSS121015:004244+132827 
  4. SSS120810:231802-560926
  5. LSQ12dlf
  6. LSQ12gdj
  7. OGLE-2013-SN-079
  8. SN2012ec
  9. SN2009ip
  10. LSQ12btw
  11. LSQ13ccw
  12. OGLE-2012-SN-006
  13. LSQ12fxd
  14. SN2012hd
  15. SN2012hr
  16. SN2012ht
  17. SN2013aj
  18. SN2013U
Note, we do NOT need the photometry data for these object again.

For the next release of this catalogue we need to include all PESSTO photometry from datasets PUBLISHED before 31st July 2016. Below is a table of the 174 transients that PESSTO has followed that were added to the Marshall before 1st May 2016, but were not included in the first release of this catalogue.

ACTION: PIs if your paper has been published or has been submitted and you assume it shall be in press by July 2016, please send Dave Young a table of the photometry (TEX format/plain text is preferable)

name PI PI Comment Re. Photometry Dataset
ASASSN–14ha Morgan Fraser Data unpublished (main LC in M.Normann MPhil thesi
ASASSN–14hu Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–14il Griffin Hosseinzadeh
ASASSN–14ko Seppo Mattila
ASASSN–14kp Joe Anderson
ASASSN–14lw Giorgos Dimitriadis
ASASSN–15be Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–15fi Claudia Gutierrez
ASASSN–15fz Giacomo Terreran
ASASSN–15ga Santiago Gonzalez
ASASSN–15go Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–15hf Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–15hy Michael Childress
ASASSN–15nr Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–15og Regis Cartier
ASASSN–15oi Iair Arcavi
ASASSN–15ov -
ASASSN–15oz Joe Anderson
ASASSN–15pz Kate Maguire Data unpublished
ASASSN–15rp Claudia Gutierrez
ASASSN–15rw Kate Maguire Campaign cancelled due to lack of data
ASASSN–15ta -
ASASSN–15um -
ASASSN–15un Stephen Smartt
ASASSN–15uo Jussi Harmanen
ASASSN–15ut -
ASASSN14lp Kate Maguire Data unpublished
AT2015bm Claudia Gutierrez
AT2016aqs Kate Maguire Data unpublished
AT2016bln Kate Maguire Data unpublished
AT2016egz -
AT2016eiy Kate Maguire Data unpublished
CSS121008–014245+213928 Kate Maguire Data unpublished
CSS130809–222004–213922 Matt Nicholl
CSS131031–095508+064831 Kate Maguire Data unpublished
CSS131110–023957–083124 Joe Polshaw
CSS140424–133007–212728 Giacomo Terreran
CSS140914–010107–101840 Kate Maguire Data unpublished
CSS140925–005854+181322 Matt Nicholl
CSS140925–223344–062208 Joe Anderson
CSS150124–140455+085515 Michael Childress
DES15S2nr Mat Smith
Gaia16aec Joe Anderson
Gaia16afe Stefano Valenti
Gaia16afo Simon Prentice
LSQ12dyw Ellie Hadjiyska
LSQ12fhs Santiago Gonzalez
LSQ12gpw Richard Scalzo
LSQ12heq Ellie Hadjiyska
LSQ12hot Morgan Fraser
LSQ12hxg Joe Polshaw
LSQ13bnx -
LSQ13ddu Cosimo Inserra Data unpublished
LSQ13deg Michel Dennefeld
LSQ13der -
LSQ13fn Joe Polshaw
LSQ13l -
LSQ14abd Kate Maguire Data unpublished
LSQ14an Matt Nicholl Data still unpublished. Little chance to be submit
LSQ14asn Francesco Taddia
LSQ14bdq Matt Nicholl
LSQ14doz -
LSQ14dsu Charlie Baltay
LSQ14eer Mark Sullivan
LSQ14eez Stephen Smartt
LSQ14efd Cristina Barbarino
LSQ14fhd -
LSQ14foj -
LSQ14fxj Cosimo Inserra Data unpublished
LSQ14gfb Santiago Gonzalez
LSQ14gqk Emir Karamehmetoglu
LSQ14ii -
LSQ14mo Matt Nicholl
LSQ14nr Kate Maguire Data unpublished
LSQ14pt Joe Polshaw
LSQ15abl Stephen Smartt
LSQ15adm Regis Cartier
LSQ15bfp Lina Tomasell
LSQ15bor -
LSQ15kp Iair Arcavi
LSQ15rw Steven Williams
MASTERJ003918.04+035659.6 Heather Campbell
MASTERJ141023.42–431843.7 Assaf Horesh
NGC7552-OT Max Stritzinger
NGC772-OT1 Joe Polshaw
OGLE–2012-SN–040 Joe Anderson
OGLE–2013-SN–016 Joe Polshaw
OGLE–2013-SN–019 -
OGLE–2013-SN–100 Antonia Morales-Garoffolo
OGLE–2013-SN–118 Kate Maguire Data unpublished
OGLE–2014-SN–047 Cristina Barbarino
OGLE–2014-SN–071 -
OGLE–2014-SN–073 Giacomo Terreran
OGLE–2014-SN–122 -
OGLE–2014-SN–131 Lukasz Wyrzykowski
OGLE–2014-SN–189 -
OGLE–2015-SN–035 Claudia Gutierrez
OGLE–2015-SN–043 Joe Anderson
OGLE–2015-SN–065 Leonardo Tartaglia
OGLE15eo -
OGLE15qz Janet Chen
OGLE15sd Janet Chen
OGLE15xl Cosimo Inserra Data unpublished
OGLE16aaa Iair Arcavi
PS15ae Matt Nicholl
PS15br Cosimo Inserra Papaer submitted
PS15bzz Kate Maguire Campaign cancelled due to lack of data
PS15cel Cosimo Inserra Paper published
PS15cem Cosimo Inserra Data unpublished
PS15cgd -
PS15cko -
PS15cwo Jussi Harmanen
PS15cww G. Terreran
PS15cwx Georgios Dimitriadis
PS15cwz Michael Childress
PS15sv -
PS15yr Steve Schulze
PSNJ09204691–0803340 Jussi Harmanen
PSNJ11484578–2817312 David Bersier
PSNJ14095513+1731556 Santiago Gonzalez
PSNJ15053007+0138024 Lluís Galbany
PSNJ21505094–7020289 Kate Maguire Data unpublished
SMTJ13494831–0658174 -
SN2012dy Milena Bufano
SN2012fr Mike Childress
SN2013ai Morgan Fraser
SN2013am Lina Tomasella
SN2013ao Kate Maguire Data unpublished
SN2013bb Paolo Mazzali
SN2013bg Kate Maguire Not KM object
SN2013bh Kate Maguire Data unpublished
SN2013df -
SN2013dg Matt Nicholl
SN2013dn Massimo DallOra
SN2013ej Fang Yuan published and submitted
SN2013ek Steve Schulze
SN2013ew Kate Maguire Data unpublished
SN2013fc Seppo Mattila
SN2013fq Milena Bufano
SN2013fs Giacomo Terreran
SN2013F Nancy Elias-Rosa
SN2013gr Eric Hsiao
SN2013hx Cosimo Inserra Paper submitted
SN2013K Massimo Turatto
SN2014ad Paolo Mazzali
SN2014cx Katalin Takats
SN2014da Chris Ashall
SN2014dk Kate Maguire Only 1 optical spectrum obtained - cancelled
SN2014do noPI
SN2014dq Fang Huang
SN2014eg Georgios Dimitriadis
SN2015ah Simon Prentice
SN2015ap Felipe Olivares
SN2015au -
SN2015ay Claudia Gutierrez
SN2015D Lina Tomasella
SN2015H Mark Magee Paper published, LC sent
SN2015J Fang Yuan
SN2015L Giorgos Leloudas
SN2016adj Joel Johansson
SN2016ado Mark Magee Data unpublished
SN2016aix Georgios Dimitriadis
SN2016aiy Regis Cartier-Ugarte
SN2016ajm Kate Maguire Data unpublished
SN2016aj Cosimo Inserra Data unpublished
SN2016aqf Claudia Gutierrez
SN2016ase Joe Anderson
SN2016blz Joel Johansson
SN2016B Joe Anderson
SN2016O Joe Anderson
SN2016P Simon Prentice
SN2016X Katalin Takats
SSS130221–133330–194457 Stefano Benetti