PESSTO Phase III Catalogue (End of Year 2)

As part of ESO Phase III, as well as the science data products (imaging and spectra), we have to submit catalogues of our data. These catalogues were not required in year 1, but are now required as we progress towards submitting the data products for year 2.

So far as we can tell, we need to submit 2 catalogues:

  1. A catalogue of all PESSTO transients
  2. A catalogue of all PESSTO transient lightcurves.

PESSTO Transient Catalogue

This transient catalogue will contain exactly one entry for each transient that has been classified and/or followed during the survey programme. It’s up to us to decide what fields get included in the PESSTO Transient Catalogue. So far we've come up with the schema below (closely mimicking the IAU CBET Recent SNe listings).

ACTION: Everyone please review this schema for the PESSTO Transient Catalogue and send any suggested amendments to Stephen and Dave.

Fields for the PESSTO Transients Catagloue
Field Name Description
TRANSIENT_ID The name of the transient - the master name given in the Marshall e.g. LSQ14fhd
TRANSIENT_RAJ2000 RA of the transient in decimal degrees
TRANSIENT_DECJ2000 DEC of the transient in decimal degrees
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION The classification of the transient as reported in the PESSTO ATels
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_SOURCE The source of the classification (PESSTO, ATel, CBET)
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_ATEL The number of the ATel reporting the classification
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_MJD MJD at point of classification
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_MAG Magnitude of the transient at point of classification
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_MAG_FILTER Filter used for classification magnitude
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_REDSHIFT The redshift of the transient measured from a classification spectrum
TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_FILENAME Filename of the EFOSC classification spectrum
TRANSIENT_DISCOVERY_SOURCE The source of the discovery (LSQ, CRTS, Amateur …)
TRANSIENT_DISCOVERY_MJD MJD at point of transient discovery
TRANSIENT_DISCOVERY_MAG Magnitude of the transient at point of discovery
TRANSIENT_DISCOVERY_MAG_FILTER Filter used for discovery magnitude
HOST_ID The name of an associated host galaxy (if any)
HOST_RAJ2000 RA of host galaxy in decimal degrees
HOST_DECJ2000 DEC of host galaxy in decimal degrees
HOST_REDSHIFT Redhsift of host galaxy (if any)
HOST_OFFSET_N The N-S transient-host separation (in decimal degrees)
HOST_OFFSET_E The E-W transient-host separation (in decimal degrees)

PESSTO Photometry Catalogue

This multi-epoch photometric catalogue shall contain the photometric data from all of the PESSTO light curves for datasets completed before 1st March 2014. Each row in this catalogue consists of the photometric measurements for one source obtained at one epoch and the catalogue is linked to the PESSTO Transient Catalogue via the unique TRANSIENT_ID.

All said, we need to include in this catalogue all PESSTO photometry from datasets PUBLISHED before 31st December 2014. Below is a table of the 67 transients that PESSTO has followed (and have been assigned a designated object PI) that were added to the Marshall before 1st March 2014.

ACTION: PIs please add a comment to the table to give us an idea of the status of the dataset (e.g. ‘no photometry included in dataset’, ‘object abandoned’, ‘paper being written’, 'data under analysis', 'data analysis complete, being written up' …)
ACTION: PIs if your paper has been published or has been submitted and you assume it shall be in press by 31st December 2014, please send Dave Young a table of the photometry (TEX format/plain text is preferable)

PESSTO Followup Targets - added to the Marshall before 1st March 2014
Object Name (linked to Marhsall) PI Paper Status PI Comment Re. Photometry Dataset
SN2013hx Stephen Smartt

SN2013gr Eric Hsiao prep LC from CSP complete. Waiting for host galaxy template.
CSS131110–023957–083124 Joe Polshaw prep a.k.a. LSQ13cuw. LC complete. Advanced draft.
OGLE–2013-SN–100 Antonia Morales-Garoffolo Prep
Data under analysis
SN2013fs Giacomo Terreran

SN2013fc Seppo Mattila prep
Data under analysis
NGC772-OT1 Joe Polshaw prep Data analysis complete. Advanced draft.
SN2013ej Fang Yuan, Stefano Valenti, M. Fraser Pub, Prep Early LCOGT data published. Full LC under analysis.
SN2013dn Massimo DallOra

SN2013ai Morgan Fraser
Data analysis complete, paper in draft form. LC data ready
SN2009ip Morgan Fraser Pub, Prep Data analysis complete
SN2014da Chris Ashall

LSQ14bdq Stephen Smartt

CSS140421–142042+031602 Griffin Hosseinzadeh

SN2014ad Paolo Mazzali
Waiting for host galaxy template
LSQ14abd Kate Maguire Prep
Data under analysis
LSQ14pt Joe Polshaw prep LC complete. Draft in prep. for multiple objects.
LSQ14nr Kate Maguire Prep
Data under analysis
LSQ14mo Matt Nicholl
Data under analysis
LSQ14an Matt Nicholl
Data under analysis
LSQ13deg Michel Dennefeld

LSQ13ddu Cosimo Inserra prep Data under analysis
OGLE–2013-SN–118 Kate Maguire Prep        
Data under analysis
CSS131031–095508+064831 Kate Maguire Prep        
Data under analysis
SN2013fq Milena Bufano Prep Data under analysis
OGLE–2013-SN–079 Cosimo Inserra Prep Data analysis complete, LC data ready 
iPTF13dge Kate Maguire Prep    
Data under analysis
LSQ13ccw Andrea Pastorello Sub
SN2013ew Kate Maguire Prep
Data under analysis
CSS130809–222004–213922 Matt Nicholl
LC mostly complete but awaiting a few late epochs
SN2013dg Matt Nicholl Pub
SSS130404–102043–062657 Kate Maguire Prep        
Date under analysis
SN2013bb Paolo Mazzali
waiting for host galaxy template
CSS130403–150213+103846 Kate Maguire Prep        
Data under analysis
SN2013am Lina Tomasella

SN2013ao Kate Maguire Pub LC not included in paper, Eric is working on this SN
OGLE–2013-SN–016 Joe Polshaw
LC complete. Draft in prep. for multiple objects.
SN2013aj Kate MaguirePub LT, SMARTS LC
SSS130221–133330–194457 Stefano Benetti

SN2013U Kate Maguire Pub LT LC
SN2013K Massimo Turatto

LSQ13fn Joe Polshaw
LC complete. Draft in prep. for multiple objects.
SN2013F Nancy Elias-Rosa Prep     Data under analysis
LSQ12hxg Joe Polshaw
LC complete. Draft in prep. for multiple objects.
SN2012ht Kate Maguire Pub LT LC
LSQ12hot Morgan Fraser

SN2012hr Kate Maguire Pub LCOGT 1m LC
LSQ12heq Ellie Hadjiyska

OGLE–2012-SN–040 Joe Anderson

LSQ12gpw Richard Scalzo

SN2012hd Kate Maguire Pub FTS, LSQ LC
OGLE–2012-SN–006 Andrea Pastorello Sub
LSQ12gdj Richard Scalzo Pub
LSQ12fxd Kate Maguire Pub LSQ LC
SN2012fr Mike Childress Pub
CSS121015–004244+132827 Stefano Benetti Pub
LSQ12btw Andrea Pastorello Sub
LSQ12fhs Santiago Gonzalez

CSS121008–014245+213928 Kate Maguire Prep            
Data under analysis
SN2012hn Stefano Valenti Pub
SN2013ek Steve Schulze

SN2012dy Milena Bufano Prep Data analysis complete. Paper in prep.
SN2012ca Cosimo Inserra Pub
SSS120810–231802–560926 Matt Nicholl Pub
SN2012ec C. Barbarino, J. Maund Prep, Pub
LSQ12dlf Matt Nicholl Pub
LSQ12dyw Ellie Hadjiyska

SN2013akFelipe OlivaresPrep