Organisational structure

Principal Investigator : S. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast)

ePESSTO Science Board : 
M. Sullivan, Chair (University of Southampton)
J. Anderson (ESO, Chile)  
S. Campana (INAF, Brera)
M. Dennefeld (IAP, Paris)
A. Gal-Yam (Weizmann)
R. Kotak (Queen's University Belfast) 
A. Pastorello (INAF, Padova)
S. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast)
J. Sollerman (Stockholm)
L. Wyrzykowski (University of Warsaw) 

Operating team :
  1. S. Smartt : Survey Director 
  2. Kate Maguire : TAT Chair 
  3. Dave Young : Marshall operations and development, Phase 3 Data manager
  4. Cosimo Inserra : Phase 3 data reduction and OB library manager 
  5. Erkki Kankare : Phase 3 data reduction  
  6. Ofer Yaron : data distribution via WISeREP 
  7. PESSTO Pipeline Manager : TBD 
  8. Two student coordinators of LCO time : Peter Clark (QUB), Giacomo Cannizzaro (SRON, Utrecht)

Full list of ePESSTO members - which is constructed from the original Co-Is on the proposal and new members approved through the ePESSTO membership policy :  

PESSTO Organisational structure 2012-2017 

Here you will find a list of the various pessto operation groups with links to their wiki areas. 

Science Board: Mark Sullivan [Chair] (Southampton),
Observations: Mark Sullivan (Southampton)
Targets and Alerts: Kate Maguire (ESO),
Data Reduction & Quality Control: Stefano Valenti (Padova),
Archive: Ofer Yaron (Weizmann)
General Operations: Stephen Smartt (QUB),