Paris PESSTO Meeting IX - Agenda (Ver. 1 : 2015 June 8)

Location :  Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP) 

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Monday June 15th 

All talks are scheduled as 20mins + 5mins questions

Session Chair : M. Dennefeld 

 14.00 - 14.05 Welcome and local announcements M. Dennefeld
 14.05 - 14.25 PESSTO status and plans  S. Smartt
 14.25 - 14.50PESSTO SSDR2 / Classifying LSQ Transients Earlier D. Young
 14.50 - 15.15    PSST and PESSTO     K. Smith
 15.15 - 15.40         LCOGT and the SN Exchange I. Arcavi

15.40 - 16.10 Coffee/tea break 

Session Chair : K. Maguire 

16.10 -16.35     The SN local environment      L. Galbany
16.35 - 17.00 SNII in low luminosity host galaxies C. Gutierrez
17.00 - 17.25 LSQ13cuw & rise times of Type II-P/L SNe E. Gall

Wine and Cheese at the IAP 

Tuesday June 16th 

Session Chair : S. Benetti  

 9.30 - 9.55      Subluminous SNe Ia near and fa S. Gonzalez
 09.55-10.20Nebular phase observations of SNe Ia K. Maguire
 10.20-10.45 Early observations of the Nearby SN 2015F and the Type Ia-CSM LSQ15adm R. Cartier
 10.45-11.10 SN2012ca and the topic of type IIN/Ia-CSM C. Inserra

11.10 - 11.45 coffee/tea break

 11.45-12.45    Discussion on the future of PESSTO (2016+). (Scheduled here to allow Mark/Brian to participate) (Chaired by S. Smartt, M. Sullivan)

12.45 - 14.15 Lunch

Session Chair : R. Kotak

 14.15 - 14.40
SN 2013fc -- big brother of SN 1998S in a circum-AGN ring T. Kangas
 14.40 - 15.05 Triple peaks of a peculiar supernova impostorE. Kankare
 15.05 - 15.30    something on CSM interaction... M. Fraser

15.30 - 16.00 coffee/tea break

Session Chair : S. Gonzalez 

 16.00 - 16.25 Preliminary results on LSQ14efd C. Barbarino
 16.25 - 16.50 OGLE-2013-SN-100 (on behalf of Antonia Morales-Garoffolo  N. Elias-Rosa
 16.50 - 17.15How to Know if you Discovered a Tidal Disruption Event I. Arcavi

Workshop dinner 

Wednesday June 17th 

Session Chair : M. Fraser

09.30 - 09.55 LSQ14bdq: a double-peaked SLSN M. Nicholl
09.55 - 10.20 Host galaxies of LSQ14an +... J. Chen
10.20 - 10.45 OGLE-2014-SN-073: beyond bright II-P SNe G. Terreran

11.00 - 12.00 PESSTO Seminar at the IAP (given by S. Smartt) 

Finish at lunchtime

Message from Michel (6 Feb 2015):
This is the list we use for our colloquia (forget the title here...), there are no "special rates", but you can get details on prices on the respective web pages. There are of course many other hotels in Paris, so that everybody should find something according to his/her taste, the ones here are simply closer to the institute.

I can only urge you to make your reservations as soon as possible, as June is always a very busy period in Paris, specially this year with the AirShow!

Hotel (and nearby restaurants...):

General information about the IAP, and how to reach it:

Those of you who would like to stay longer are of course welcome to do so. More details will be distributed in due time.


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