Night report 2020-12-06

Observers:  Joe Anderson, Priscila Pessi
Support:  Lluís Galbany
TAT:  Simon Prentice, Shubham Srivastav, Giuliano Pignata
EFOSC2 Calibrations:
Spectroscopic arcs 
evening skyflats UBVR + i[5/6]

Start: Humidity 26% wind speed 2 m/s
Middle: Humidity 25% wind speed 3.1 m/s
End: Humidity 26% wind speed 4.6 m/s


 UT Target Type Setup Slit Exposure[s] Airmass Seeing["] Notes
vma2            stdgr11,gr13,gr161, 1.5-1.21.07At UT00:25 there was an error with the telescope adaptor and it had to be reinitialised - std restarted at UT00:29
1:0120pvbfollowup            gr11        11800   1.91.0~ UT00:50 image analysis
1:4020usaclassification    gr1319001.80.8II z=0.264
2:0520ablnclassification    gr1319001.50.9Ia z=0.06
2:3020xgafollowup            gr1312 x 27001.10.9
4:12    gd71stdgr11,gr13,gr161,
4:33    20znl    followupgr11118001.20.8
5:1720znr    followupgr11, gr1612 x 18001.80.7

7:5020abtfclassificationgr1313001.40.6Ic z=0.035, but not a good fit. Joe says it's something with H.
8:020abmgclassificationgr1319001.10.6Ia z=0.06
8:15  gd71stdgr11,gr13,gr1611.80.6