ESO Phase III Submission Process - milestones and deadlines

From ESO (Magda Arnaboldi; 31st Jan 2012) - the SSDR1 

"The Archive Science group (ASG) is planning the milestone for the  submission of data products on June 15, 2013. The detailed instruction for the Spectroscopic Surveys DR1 (SSDR1 for short) will be circulated by ASG in April and the validator tool for the data format and the metadata validation will be available for download from the Phase 3 web pages soon after that. The SSDR1 milestone date has been chosen so that both ESO spectroscopic surveys can submit their products at the same time."

Update : SSDR1 submission process opens on 15 June 2013, and closes on 31 July 2013. 

Phase 3 data reduction and keyword work to do (EFOSC2)

Milestone or deadline     Date  People
PESSTO Pipeline completed and tested. Penultimate release. The ESO validator will not be available until April, hence a final pipeline version cannot be closed until then.  28-Feb     Stefano V., Morgan, Cosimo, Ken, Stephen DONE
 Penultimate version of the pipeline released to PESSTO collaboration     8-Mar Stefano V., Ken   DONE V2.0 of the code is complete, and tested at QUB. And releatsed to the collaboraiton in April. 
 Deadline for example datasets to be sent to Trieste      15-Mar DONE - Stefano has sent April 2012 data, full reduced 
Finalise the conversion from FITS spectra format to FITS table format - to be ESO compliant (as far as the documentation will allow us to determine)12-Apr     Trieste, Dave, Stephen. DONE, but needs checked with ESO validator. 
 Milestone - test the pipeline products, in FITS table format, in the ESO validator 26 Apr  Trieste, Dave Stephen - DELAYED. ESO VALIDATOR NOT READY
 Address any problems in validation and final iteration of the pipeline       (**PADOVA MEETING**) 26 Apr - 3 May   Trieste, Stefano, Stephen. Some issues tied up, but nothing finalised yet as validator and info from ESO not yet ready,  
EFOSC2 part of pipeline to be COMPLETELY finished27 - 31 May     Tie up between Stefano and Dave - check that the test files validate
All EFOSC2 data to be reduced, section of PESSTO paper to be written at same time. Conversion to binary table, and header associations updated. 3 - 14 June     Morgan, Cosimo, Dave, Stephen. 
SOFI part of pipeline and data products to be tested    3 - 14 June     Stefano, Dave, Stephen  (in parallel with EFOSC2 reductions) 
ESO open for SSDR1 submission to start    15 June 
Submit EFOSC2 Phase 3 data to ESO and Trieste15 - 21 June    Dave, Trieste 
 All SOFI data to be reduced, section of PESSTO paper to be written at same time.
Conversion to binary table, and header associations updated.
17 - 21 June     Morgan, Cosimo, Stephen 
 Submit SOFI Phase 3 data to ESO and Trieste     24 - 28 June     Morgan, Cosimo, Stephen, Dave, Trieste
Deadline for SSDR1 submission completion to ESO 31 July QUB, Trieste