LOC to do list (June Belfast)

Catering and room booking
  • Only seminar room need (booked already) DONE
  • IRCEP area to be booked (but not exclusive use) DONE
  • Lunches and coffee breaks provisionally booked. Finalise on 17th. Jayne to do. Check the amount of food with the, as last time there wasn't enough first day. Go for 30% vegetarian. 
  • Drinks reception after Brian's talk - Jennifer booking and numbers confirmed. DONE (70 for 60mins)
Registration Pack and wifi
  • Pack - name badge +  printout of agenda + print of map for Mourne Seafood restaurant + Wifi credentials. Ken to forward names spreadsheet to Jayne, Dave to do PDF of agenda DONE
  • Registration Name badges and printout of agenda Jayne
  • Maps and dinner arrangements. Cosimo to make map of restaurtant location. Cosimo to check printed map
  • Wifi credentials Ken to do (DONE)
Room arrangement and wifi 
  • Arrange seats to suit ~25 people participating (on Morning 19th) Joe and Mattia 
  • Signs to point people to registration and the meeting room (from front of Physics) Dave
  • Wifi signal booster installation Ken to organise (DONE)
  • Skype Audio/Video or Google Hangouts. Or Polycom?  Check cabled connection? Talk to Robert Ken/Dave to organise
Brian's talk 
  • Advertise on Physics plasma screen Dave to send to Gareth after email to all staff goes out. Two slides, one for PESSTO, one for Brian's talk. 
  • Email to ARC (12th). Send reminder. Stephen DONE
  • Email to all of School  and undergrad students : 12th, 17th and 19th (morning) Stephen
  • Email comms Stephen
  • Talk to Press office Stephen
  • Invite University people Stephen DONE
  • Dinner for the Thursday evening (booked - Mourne Seafood Restaurant, for 25 people. Stephen to confirm details)
  • Appoint chairs of the sessions Stephen
  • Rota for staying in the room to look after laptops/belongings etc Ken to organise, add names to agenda (all info in one place) (DONE)
  • Appoint person to organise taxi list for leaving Cosimo 
  • Collect talks at meeting and post on wiki  Janet
  • Group photo  Janet (11.00 on Friday)